The Prosecutor’s Office will denounce Barça for payments to Negreira

The Prosecutor’s Office is about to present before the courts, predictably tomorrow, Wednesday, a complaint against FC Barcelona for continued corruption in business due to millionaire payments to Enríquez Negreira, as published The country. The prosecutor’s office will thus accuse the Barça club of business corruption, a crime that came into force with the 2010 penal reform and that includes fraud in the sports field.

According to publish The country, The complaint, in addition to Barcelona, ​​also includes Josep María Bartomeu and part of his management team, as well as Enríquez Negreira himself, who received a total of seven million euros through a company (Dasnil).. Once Barcelona broke the relationship with Negreira’s company, said company saw its income plummet, since the Barça club was its only client.

In the case of Barcelona, ​​​​the complaint will be filed for a crime of corruption in business, as detailed The country. The Prosecutor’s Office considers that there are sufficient indications and contemplates that the crime be in its continued modality (since 2010) since the payments occurred, without interruption, at least from 2001 and until July 2018, when Bartomeu’s team put an end to those practices.

For his part, Josep María Bartomeu and members of his board of directors will be the only natural persons denounced, Despite the fact that it is thought that they were started during the Núñez period and that the successive meetings maintained them. Remarkable is the fact that Joan Laporta increased his amount significantly during his first stage as president of Barça. Thus, and according to information from The country, None of these directors will be declared investigated. Only Bartomeu and the members of his board will be denounced, since the facts are old and have already prescribed. It so happens that it was Bartomeu who ended the payments to Negreira.

Once the Prosecutor’s Office presents these complaints, it will be a Barcelona court that decides whether to admit it for processing. As highlighted The country, the case may fall on the head of the trial court number 1 of Barcelona, ​​Joaquín Aguirre, that he has already opened proceedings for the complaint that the VAR referee Estrada Fernández filed against Negreira and his son. However, this complaint has not yet been admitted for processing.

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