The Prosecutor’s Office asks to investigate the assets of Negreira and his family to find the money from Barcelona

The complaint of the prosecution against him Football Club Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeuvarious members of its board of directors, Sandro Rosell and Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira for the payments of the blaugrana entity to the former vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees left several key aspects. One of them has to do with the money that the former collegiate received during the years that he was in the pay of Barça and his fate.

The Prosecutor’s Office considers it very important within the resolution of this case to find the whereabouts of the millionaire amounts of money that Negreira collected. Therefore, in the proceedings of the complaint filed, it indicates the advisability of carrying out an investigation into the assets of the former vice president of the CTA, as well as their closest family environment.

Despite the fact that his closest relatives are mentioned, it should be noted that the son of Enríquez Negreira, Javier Enriquez, is left out of this complaint and therefore is not one of those indicated by the Prosecutor’s Office. Of course, this patrimonial investigation of the closest environment of Negreira is urged to try to find out what the more than 7 million euros that he received from FC Barcelona for almost two decades were used for.

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as posted THE SPANISH, the assets of the former number 2 of the referees did not increase significantly during the stage in which he was an employee of the Barcelona Football Club. The former leader of the Technical Committee of Referees did not make large investments of any kind and did not buy properties, so the whereabouts of the money that Barça disbursed is unknown.

Checks and cash

Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira billed between 2014 and 2015 through your company Nisdal SCP a sum of €1,286,530.18, money that was paid by bank transfer. On the other hand, with the other society of his, DASNIL 95 SL invoiced €1,685,142.83 between January 2016 and June 2018, an amount also received through transfer.

That is to say, that in total Barcelona Soccer Club paid José María Enríquez Negreira €2,971,673.01 during the period investigated. This large amount of money received by the former collegiate’s companies accounted for practically all of the turnover of these companies, that is, they barely had income beyond the million-dollar figures disbursed by the Barca.

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What scales the Prosecutor’s Office in his complaint is the way in which this money was later moved by Negreira. As he reported THE SPANISHthe complainant confirms that former number 2 of the Technical Committee of Referees He withdrew large amounts in cash and through bearer checks.

Sometimes the secretary of José María Enríquez Negreira, and other times a different person he trusted, acted on behalf of the former CTA to collect different amounts of money essentially through bearer checks. The Prosecutor’s Office points out that these operations were carried out “at the express request” of Negreira to subsequently deliver the money to him in cash.

It is at that moment when the trail of the millionaire amounts received by the Barcelona Football Club is logically lost. For this reason, the Prosecutor’s Office requests that this aspect be investigated insistently, since it considers it relevant in the case to know how Enríquez Negreira spent the money invoiced through his companies.

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It is about delving into the lost trail of money, since the hypothesis that the former referee used another person as a figurehead to cover up his monetary operations is even being considered. Thus, further investigations could rule out or flesh out this possibility.

The fact that Enríquez Negreira’s assets did not grow significantly despite receiving just over 7 million euros in less than two decades from the Barcelona Football Club, makes the Prosecutor’s Office request an in-depth investigation of the family’s assets of the former collegiate

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