“The problem in women’s football does not only affect Spain”

In it International Women’s Daywhich is held every year on March 8, transcends the interview that Alexia Putellas has granted to beIN Sports. During the conversation, the captain of the Barcelona has referred to the problem in the Spanish women’s soccer teamas well as on the reconciliation between sport and motherhood or its future.

Alexia Putellas has ensured that what is needed, in the first place, is that the great protagonists of all this can be concentrated on the game: “We need the players to be able to focus one hundred percent on their performance and that the leaders be more focused in helping us, without having to ask all the time. It’s exhausting having to constantly ask for improvements to be able to perform better.”

From there to talk specifically about the ’15 rebels’noting that the discrepancies are not unique in the Spanish women’s soccer: “There are no rebels or non-rebels. We are players and leaders. I hope that our private conversations stop there, otherwise it can become a topic that does not benefit anyone. It does not only affect Spain. These concerns are not only in Spain It’s something general. Canada, Colombia, before the United States, it’s a theme that is being repeated a lot.”

Alexia Putellas, with the Spanish women’s soccer team, offers the 2021 Ballon d’Or to the fans


In addition, he has also commented on the situation regarding the reconciliation of soccer players with motherhood: “I am not a mother, but I have colleagues who have children and they explain to me that it is very difficult to reconcile work and pregnancy. You have to help them reconcile family life and elite sport.”

The injury and his Barça

In relation to other issues, the best soccer player in the world has explained how the injury that left him without eurocup and without playing so far in the 2022/2023 season: “The most complicated thing is the beginning. Although now, I see how my body improves little by little and that is grateful. It is setting challenges and achieving them, that is what like”.

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“In the end it is to go little by little putting the work, the energy on my part so that when it is time to return there is no risk of relapse… If this has happened, it has been for something and I am going to come back better”, added one Alexia Putellas who has also been asked about a future away from Can Barça.

As the best footballer in the world that she is, other important teams knock on her door, but she, for the moment, seems determined to continue playing in the club of her life: “My feeling for Barça is clear. A lot has happened in You never know football. The only thing I can say is that Lyon have been among the elite for many years and Barça is at it and the way they lead the club is exemplary”.

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