The points that the VAR has stolen from the VCF this season and the classification that would remain

The referees’ treatment of Valencia CF this season has been bloody to say the least. Through VAR, a series of ‘thefts’ of points are being perpetrated that are helping to sink the team further if possible in the classification. Video arbitration came to football to make it fairer, but the reality is that the use of the tool is leaving more and more doubts and has not eliminated unequal treatment at all.

The Mestalla team takes ‘the palm’, since it is, according to data from VAR file, the team most affected in the entire championship by the decisions made from the VOR Room. Up to eight points has deprived him of adding to the Valencian team, figures that would leave the eleventh LaLiga team with 31 points instead of nineteenth with 23 as it currently has, a substantial difference that could even ‘redefine’ the objectives of the team, which today is in the fight to avoid relegation also due to its own mistakes, especially at the planning level.

The first ‘error’ of the VAR came early. On matchday 3, the referee annulled a ‘great goal’ by Yunus Musah due to a more than questionable previous foul and which, according to the protocol, should not be reviewed as the referee’s interpretation prevails and it is a play that is far from being “clear and manifest”. . Later he scored Atlético de Madrid. One less point.

On day eleven more of the same. Valencia was winning against Mallorca, but the referee whistled Nico for a non-existent penalty on Amath. Later the insulars won thanks to Kang In. Another point that flew from Mestalla by the work and grace of the referees.

Two days later Valencia was deprived of winning at the Reale Arena. In the 81st minute there was a clear penalty by Diego Rico on Thierry with the score at 1-1, which would also have put the Basques on the side with one less player. Two less points for a team that had to settle for the tables.

On the last date of the first round, perhaps the bloodiest performance by the VAR came. First in the seventh minute with a very clear penalty on Lato that was not awarded and 10 minutes later another penalty was not whistled by Rosa on Lino. In minute 56, Aguado’s red card was forgiven for a more than ugly tackle on Castillejo and, to make matters worse, Larin’s goal came after a Silver foul on Kluivert that the referee did not decree and that the VAR did not urge to review. From being able to leave the game on track and with one more man to losing it. Another three points less.

And this Sunday, finally, Valencia was deprived of a penalty at the Camp Nou after Kessié’s clear entry on Fran Pérez that Jaime Latre did not consider appropriate to have Alberola Rojas reviewed and that he is more outraged after against Real the penalty on Hugo Duro was annulled despite having contact, letting the opinion of the field referee prevail one day and one day not.

Other mistakes against Valencia CF

They have not been the only ones, but the previous eight are the ones that have cost points. For example, the penalty in favor of Almería by the hands of Paulista that came from a rebound or the clear expulsions forgiven to Fran Beltran or Marcos Alonso in Mestalla.

In favor of Valencia, the most serious error was not made by the VAR, but by the referee, when they did not apply the advantage law in a clear play by Elche CF that ended in Ponce’s goal. It wasn’t somewhat canceled as such, because it whistled before, but the ‘blunder’ was rude because the people from Elche had everything up their sleeves to score.

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