The Mossos investigate the violent death of a man at a home in Cantallops

The Mossos de Esquadra are investigating the violent death of a 36-year-old man inside a home in Cantallops (Girona).

As reported by the Catalan police this Friday, the events occurred at approximately half past ten in the morning when the Mossos d’Esquadra received the notice to go to a house in that Empordà town, where a person was allegedly dead.

The agents then went to the scene and located the lifeless body of a man, who showed signs of violence.

The area has been preserved until the arrival of the investigators from the Criminal Investigation Area (AI) of Girona, who have taken charge of the case and have activated the judicial committee, while the forensic doctor has certified the death.

The case has been taken over by the Investigating Court of Figueres (Girona), which has decreed the secrecy of the proceedings.

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