The Man in the Suitcase-Creepshow Film Explained Summarized

The Man in the Suitcase-Creepshow Film Explained Summarized

The Man in the Suitcase-Creepshow  Short Summary

The plot revolves around a mysterious man who is stuck in a bag. This suitcase is taken home by a young boy whose name is Justine. When he sees such a man, he is taken aback. Justin doesn’t want to hurt the suitcase man out of greed. After a while, the suitcase man’s eyes change to a mysterious glittering golden color, and he confines both of them in other bags. And “Justin” is OK; after regaining consciousness, he receives a message stating that the man will be ready when he needs him.

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The Man in the Suitcase-Creepshow Summary 

The Man withinside the Suitcase (Creepshow) Thriller film defined in Hindi Urdu. The American Horror Thriller film ‘All Hallow’s Eve/The Man withinside the Suitcase’ tale summarized with a complete finishing in हिन्दी explanation. The plot revolves around a mysterious guy who’s caught in a bag. This suitcase is taken domestic by a younger boy whose call is Justine. When he receives domestic, he opens this case. When he sees this type of guy, he’s taken aback. As that guy reviews discomfort, he notices that this guy releases gold cash from his mouth. He informs his pals, who affirm this information. Justin would not need to harm the suitcase guy out of greed. But her each pal are lustful in order that they come to be partner, and due to the fact they each have a thirst for money, in order that they inflict undue ache at the packed guy of a suitcase in an effort to acquire extra money. After a while, the suitcase guy‘s eyes extrude to a mysterious glittering golden color, and he confines each of them in different bags. Finally, the person is observed alive at the airport. And “Justin” is OK; after regaining consciousness, he gets a message pointing out that the person can be geared up whilst he desires him. Actually, the curse of the suitcase guy became relocated to individuals who crossed the road for the sake of wealth.

The Man in the Suitcase-Creepshow Full Explanation

The film titled “Suitcase Man” will be explained today.
There is a man in this movie who is locked in a suitcase.
When he aches then the golden coins come out of his mouth.
A boy is seen at the airport at the start of the movie.
Whose name was “Justin”. He was waiting for the luggage.
But his luggage had not been received even after passing a long time.
At last, his luggage is received. Lifting a suitcase from there, he moves to his house.
But it is observed here that,
His luggage had been exchanged with someone’s luggage.
And “Justin” was unknown about it at all.
“Justin” was driving a car to move to his house.
He was also smoking a cigarette but its ashes are touched with his hand while smoking.
His hand is a little burnt,
And his female friend’s number is dialed through his caught cell phone.
Here it is known that,
“Justin” had broken up with his female friend before few days.
Receiving Justin’s video call, that girl had started to say ill for him.
Because she was the lusty girl who had left “Justin” for her greed for money.
Because “Justin” belonged to the lower class.
That it is known in the movie that girl’s name is “Carla”.
“Justin” finds his house messy as he reaches the house.
And he was also feeling much appetite with it.
Because his edible things were also finished.
So he begins to smoke a cigarette again.
He watches the TV to pass his time then he sleeps after studying.
“Justin” was in sleep and he was hearing the mysterious sounds.
So he wakes up. As he ponders those sounds,
He understands as someone is saying, Help me!
He realizes, looking at his surroundings that the voices are coming from the suitcase.
Now “Justin” unlocks that suitcase while fearing.
And he is panicked, observing it,
Because a man was locked in the suitcase.
It will be incredible to imagine that his hands and feet were badly molded.
He could not make any type of movement in the suitcase.
Even he was finding it difficult to stir his face.
The shocking fact was that man was still alive.
That man pleads to “Justin”, Move my face!
So that I may talk to you! But “Justin” was scared by that man.
So he comes near him, lifting a baseball bat.
“Justin” directs that man’s face towards him.
Meanwhile, the sound of bones’ fracture was producing from the suitcase.
The man says here, observing the baseball bat in Justin’ s hand,
You have no danger from me!
You can keep this baseball bat aside.
Then “Justin,” asks him, Who is responsible for your condition?
And he tells that I say to someone very ill to a man.
So he turned me into this condition in anger.
Now that man says that I have entrapped in this trouble very badly.
And I need your help! “Justin” was very frightening from this man here.
And he says, I cannot treat you, it will be in the hospital.
I cannot help you of any type. But that man says to “Justin” that,
The men who had turned my conditions as such,
They will also reach the hospital. Kindly, help me here!
“Justin” agrees with him but he tells him that,
your condition may be worsened if I attempted to take you out from this.
That man is still compelling that “Justin” may bring him out of it.
“Justin” attempts to get that man out of that suitcase.
That man aches bitterly as he is getting him out.
And a gold coin comes out of his mouth with it.
Which is caught by “Justin”. He asks that man about this coin.
That man tells us that our whole family is cursed.
Our mouths release the coins when we ache.
That man says I will suffer a bitter pain, bringing me out of this suitcase.
My mouth will release the coins to that extent I will ache.
You can keep these coins. In this way, I will come out,
And your problem will also be solved. That man also tells him that,
He also tells that it is not an ordinary coin but a gold coin,
You can get a lot of money from it.
Afterward, that man says, Don’t bring me out right now.
Because I am tired right now and I am also aching.
You may start to bring me out from here tomorrow.
Here “Justin” was considering the whole conversation tricky.
He also realized, this coin is fake.
The next morning, he makes this coin examination, going to a shop.
Where that man tells him that this coin is 24-carat gold.
It means that it is real gold from which you may get a lot of money.
Then “Justin” sells that coin to him.
The shopkeeper hands him over 275$ in return.
“Justin” moves to his friend, taking that money.
So he may celebrate a party with this amount of money.
“Alex” who is his friend asks him here, From where did you get a lot of money?
Then he tells, I had a gold coin which I sold!
Now “Alex,” asks him, From where had you got that gold coin?
Here “Justin” reveals the whole facts to “Alex”.
How he got that suitcase and a man was inside.
His mouth releases the gold coins when he is hurt.
In the beginning, “Alex” does not believe.
So “Justin” accompanies him to his house.
From where his female friend was coming out of his house.
Now she shows bitterness on him.
She says You are not only bad for me but for everyone.
You have locked someone in the suitcase, murdering him.
“Justin,” asks her here, Why had you visited here?
She tells me that some of my belongings had left here that I wanted to take, coming here.
First of all, “Alex” moves inside, leaving them engaged in conversation.
“Alex” unlocks that suitcase at first, entering the house.
“Alex” and “Carla” are frightened, observing the worst condition of that man.
“Justin” remains calm because he had already witnessed.
That man also asks for help from “Alex” and “Carla”.
They both move ahead for helping him.
When they both were getting that man out of the suitcase then,
That man suffers bitter pain. Many coins begin to come out of his mouth.
“Justine” feels nothing, seeing those coins.
But that wolfish “Carla” says, We should pain him more so more coins may release!
“Alex” suggests that they may be become millionaires because of this man.
“Alex” also explains to “Justin” that,
We may become millionaires through this. And we can do what we wish.
We can fulfill all our wishes. And “Justin,” tells them that,
He is facing all of this because his family is cursed.
That curse may not transfer on us, using that amount of money.
“Justine” also tells them here if we keep him in our possession for a long time,
We may face bad consequences!
“Justin” and “Carla” are still talking that,
“Alex” throws that suitcase down from the stairs,
Consequently, that man suffers bitter pain,
And many coins are released with it.
Seeing these coins, three of them become more lustful.
But “Justin” still had the soft corner for him.
Now “Justin” puts a condition here because this suitcase belonged to him.
He suggests that we will keep him away from us after getting much money from him.
Because “Justin ” thinks that,
We may face the worst consequences, keeping him in our possession.
They agree with “Justin”. And they torment that man from every angle.
As a result, he suffers unbearable pain.
And many coins also release. Now they had got many coins within the years.
They were enjoying this, selling them.
Now their lust was increasing in spite of having uncountable coins.
They give him the electric shock,
So he may release many coins from his mouth, facing much pain.
“Justin” stops giving him the electric shocks after some time.
And his friends ask him, Why did you do this?
Then he says that we have ached him much and we have also got many coins.
That man can meet his end if we pain him more.
Then that man demands, Give me more electric shocks!
Due to this, I may die and my pain may be over!
Now they decide to give that man the strong electric shock.
But “Justin” forbids them, saying it,
I will call the police if you don’t stop.
That girl picks a hammer up to stop “Justine” here,
He hits it on his cell phone so he may not call the police.
And she also hits the hammer on his head with it.
As a result, his head bleeds much. Now he begins to go down from there.
Then that girl was also following him.
But “Justin” falls down from the stairs.
Then “Carla” and “Alex” decide, leaving “Justin” there that,
They will pain that man too much.
They decide that they will get more money today as far as possible.
Then she says that they will start a new life!
That man in the suitcase says, hearing it,
You cannot start a new life now because you will have to live in this suitcase.
And the suitcase man was laughing too much with it.
His eyes had turned into golden color. Within a time, it is seen,
That a giant purple-colored monster appears from that suitcase.
He takes two suitcases from it and puts both of them in them.
Coming into the senses, “Justin” observes flowers and a written statement on the table.
The statement declares, Remember me when you will feel the need of mine!
I will always be with you!
After this, that man is seen at the airport who was inside the suitcase.
But that man was alright now.
Then it is also known that man was just a trap.
They shift their curse to those whose lust crosses its limits.
The movie completes this scene after this revelation.


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