The Man from Nowhere: Ajeossi (2010) Movie Explained Summarized

The Man from Nowhere (2010) Action movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Korean Action Thriller film “Man from Nowhere” also known as ‘Ajeossi’ is summarized with a complete ending explanation. The Plot is about an owner of a shop named “Cha Tae-Sik”. He has no friends and relatives throughout the World except an innocent “So-Mi ” who is his neighbor. That girl’s mother is a nightclub dancer and addicted to drugs. She steals drugs from a drug smuggler and hides them in her neighbor Cha Tae-Sik’s possession. A city famous smuggler chases her and abducts her and her daughter “So-Mi”. Then he threatens “Cha Tae-Sik” that he will kill both of them if the pack of heroin is not returned to him.

Finally, So-Mi’s mother is killed while “So-Mi ” is survived. ” Cha Tae-Sik” becomes successful in taking the drug smugglers to their catastrophe because he has been an ex-special agent of army intelligence and has the expertise to deal with such cases.

Short Explanation

” One of south Korea’s greatest action movies ever. And again, one of my favorite movies. An ex-special agent CHA Tae-shik’s only connection to the rest of the world is a little girl, So-mi, who lives nearby. Her mother, Hyo-jeong smuggles drugs from a drug trafficking organization and entrusts Tae-sik with the product, without letting him know. The traffickers find out about her smuggling and kidnap both Hyo-jeong and So-mi. The gang promises to release them if Tae-shik makes a delivery for them, however, it actually is a larger plot to eliminate a rival drug ring leader. When Hyo-jeon’s disemboweled body is discovered, Tae-Shik realizes that So-mi’s life may also be in danger. Tae-shik becomes enraged at the prospect that So-mi may already be dead and prepares for a battle, putting his own life at risk. A lot of people are put off by foreign-language films and I hope people don’t let that stop them from watching this. It has all the panache of a typical Hollywood film and I have to disagree with some comments that the back-story aspect is lacking compared with the action; my exact thoughts when watching this film were along the lines of “I cannot believe how genuine the character-development is“. The bond between the two main characters is extremely believable (huge props to the actress who played the young kid.) I thought the fact that the film wasn’t edited down to the hour-and-half standard probably gave them room to develop more and for an action film, there was much more intelligence than I was expecting to the story. One of the best films I have seen in a long time. ”

The Man From Nowhere ( Ajeossi ) trailer.

Ajeossi (2010) Film Explanation

It is known about the leading character named “Cha Tae-sik” at the beginning of the film.
“Cha Tae Sik” is a very innocent man who runs a shop.
He deals with the second-hand items of the people.
“Cha Tae” is not interested at all in the pursuit of anyone.
But his neighbor named “So-mi” who is a little girl considers “Cha Tae” as her friend.
As it has been told that “Cha Tae-sik” is not interested in anyone.
But he has feelings for “So-Mi” as a friend.
There is also the character of So-Mi’s mother in the movie who is seen as a club dancer.
She is also addicted to drugs along with dancing.

So she steals a big pack of heroin from the club.
And she moves to her house. She keeps that drug packed into a camera case, reaching at home.
And she hands over to “Cha Tae-sik” so the drug may keep there safe.
This drug packet belongs to the threatening drug smuggler.
As drug smuggler knows that drug packet has been stolen then,
He assigns the duty to two brothers of his members to capture that thief,
Who are the main men of that drug dealer?
Here one of the brothers knows that a dancer has stolen the packet of their drug.
The scene turns to “So-Mi”. Whose mother gets her out after taking drugs.

“So-Mi” asks for help from her neighbor “Cha Tae-sik” , weeping a lot.
And “Cha Tae-sik” also arranges a sleeping place for her.
She says to “Cha Tae”, Do you know what the people call you?
A ghost! Because you are very scary. “Cha Tae-sik” does not respond to her on it.
And he leaves after saying her to fall asleep.
The scene turns to So-Mi’s mother where her male friend is explaining to her that,
Return that drug pack! Because it belongs to a drug smuggler.
And he threatens her that they will kill you in case you don’t return it.
But she is not convinced in spite of the explanation of her male friend.

The next morning arrives and “Cha Tae-sik” is seen.
“So- Mi” leaves after making an angry emoji on the nail of “Cha Tae”.
And she also goes , leaving a letter for him.
Observing these things, a smile spreads on the face of “Cha Tae-sik”.
One day “Cha Tae-sik” is passing before the school of “So-Mi” .
He observes there that a lady is beating badly to “So-Mi”.
And police officers are also there. That lady tells as that police officer interrogates.
That “So-Mi” was stealing her kid’s bag. “So-Mi” replies on it, I was not stealing,
I was just comparing his bag with my bag.
Here police ask “So-Mi” about her parents.

“So-Mi” gesticulates towards “Cha Tae-sik” who is standing at a distance.
As a result, they think as “Cha Tae-sik” is her father.
Police chase “Cha Tae-sik” because he leaves without saying a single word.
“So-Mi” comes to meet “Cha Tae-sik” as evening arrives,
Then “Cha Tae-sik” scolds her. He says to her, Are you in your senses?
Why did you gesticulate towards me at that time?
Here “So-Mi” becomes so sentimental and she says, All call me insane!
All detest me! I also hate everyone. You are only my friend,
Do you wish that I may start to hate you?
“So_Mi” leaves that place, saying it.

Many odd people are beating her mother when she reaches her home.
These are the men of the same drug smuggler whose drug pack had been stolen by So-Mi’s mother.
They come to get information from So-Mi’s mother about that drug pack.
So-Mi’s mother informs them that the heroine pack is in a camera bag.
After this, “Jong Seok” about whom it had been told,
Who is the main man of the drug smuggler, He abducts “So-Mi” and her mother?
The rest of his men move to Cha Tae’s house to grab that drug pack.
They are breaking the lock of Cha Tae’s shop.
That “Cha Tae-sik” reaches there. One of the criminals points a knife to “Cha Tae” .
That gang member says to “Cha Tae-sik”, We need that camera case!
Which had been kept safe in your possession by your neighbor.

As that man turns his face,
“Cha Tae-sik” throws that criminal’s knife aside, grabbing it.
That gang member is shocked by it. When the other gang member begins to attack “Cha Tae”,
Then “Cha Tae-sik” also teaches him a good lesson. But those gang members cannot tackle anything,
Then they call the main gang member named “Jong Seok” of that drug smuggler.
“Jong Seok” sends another member to know about everything.
That gang member moves a cell phone towards”Cha Tae”,
Where he makes him hear So-Mi’s voice.
“Cha Tae” hands that bag over to them on Jong Seok’s threat.

Now one of the gang members kills his own partner among them.
Because he does not like him. In this way, a killing occurs there.
The allegation might be put on “Cha Tae sik”.
And that cell phone through with “Cha Tae sik” has talked with “So-Mi”, it is also at the same place.
“Cha Tae sik” begins to suspect on those people,
Because they got drug packs but they did not release “So-Mi” and her mother.
But it is too late as he comes after them.
Because those gang members have taken them.
” “Cha Tae sik” ” does not understand anything here. And he contacts the police.

Police asks his house address as he reveals everything to the police,
Then he keeps silent because there is also a killing.
“Cha Tae sik” might be entrapped because of it.
After a time, ” “Cha Tae sik” ” receives a call on the same cell phone,
Through which he had talked with “So-Mi”.
He receives the call of the main men of drug smuggler whose names are “Jong Seok” and “Man Seok”.
They say, Do us a favor if you want to see both of them alive!
They also tell that you will get the details of this task through this cell phone.
According to them, ” “Cha Tae sik” ” takes a pack of heroin from a locker.
And he hands over to the drug smuggler, going there.

And he says to him, Release “So-Mi” and her mother!
That drug smuggler is left astonished here.
Because he had no knowledge that,
His main men have caught that man who had stolen the drug pack.
Then he knows about that deception which was being given by “Jong Seok” and “Man seok”.
His main men become the cause of his destruction.
And they also make him capture by the police.
Here the drug smuggler is in bad condition because of aggression.

He falls ” “Cha Tae sik” ” from the building while beating him.
And the police arrive there with it. Police catch-all gang members but the smuggler flees.
While “Cha Tae sik” begins to chase that drug smuggler, stealing a car.
But there is a dead body of So-Mi’s mother in the trunk of the car stolen by ” “Cha Tae sik” .
Whose all organs have been removed by them.
Then the police arrive here and they think that this all has been committed by “Cha Tae sik” .
So ” “Cha Tae sik” ” is arrested by the police.
One police officer has also knowledge about”Cha Tae sik” here.

As he opens his biometrics identification file,
It is locked. “Cha Tae sik” is trying to rescue “So-Mi” at the same place.
“Cha Tae sik” tells the police officer that I am left-handed,
I need the left hand to take my lunch not the right one.
As the police officer unlocks his left-hand handcuff,
Then he stands up and flees after killing everyone.

Now the scene turns to the drug smuggler who is killed by his own gang members.
After this “Cha Tae sik”is seen,
who wants to detect “So-Mi” through the cell phone given to him to talk with her.
“Cha Tae sik” moves to a phone shop in order to know about it.
That cell phone is illegal. So that manager does not reveal a single fact to him.
That man reveals the truth as ” “Cha Tae sik” starts to hit him.
He begins to believe in the told information of that man.
Now the scene turns to that police officer again.
“Cha Tae-sik” unlocks the details and He knows that he is a covert operative army intelligence member.
Later, “Cha Tae-sik” is successful to get access to “Jong Seok and “Man Seok”.

Who had occupied everything after killing their head drug smuggler?
Which was totally illegal”. He meets with the “man Seok”.
“Cha Tae-sik” has never seen him so he does no have knowledge.
But “Man Seok” had the ability to recognize him. And he says to his brother “Jong Seok”.
Be alert!. “Cha Tae-sik” goes to the lavatory. of that building.
Fortunately, he meets the same people who had met them in search to take camera bag.
That man asks him about “So-Mi” but that man does not reveal anything.
So he stabs his shoulder with the same knife.
At the same time, that man also reaches there who had made the call with “So-Mi”.

“Cha Tae-sik” gives him one more phone after this fight.
Now the police also arrive here. “Cha Tae-sik” escapes in someone’s car, seeing police.
Now “So-Mi” comes on the scene again. Who is given to such a man by both drug smugglers men?
Who makes the kids smuggle. That lady used to send those kids to that drug smuggler.
Where the drug smugglers used to remove the kidneys of kids.
And they used to sell the other body organs after removing them and killing the kids.
Here “Cha Tae-sik” is seen again who is making the gun bullet release from his body from someone else.
He is shot during the fight. Then the past life of “Cha Tae-sik” is known here.
“Cha Tae-sik” had lost his wife in the past.

At that time, no one had left in his life.
But someone had stepped in his life and she was “So-Mi”.
And he never wanted to lose her at any cost. Seeing her. “Cha Tae-sik” is seen stronger again.
And he is determined to search for “So-Mi’.
“Cha Tae-sik” cuts his all hair and leaves the place while taking a gun.
“Cha Tae-sik” was chasing those kids who are delivering drugs.
It leads him to such a sellar where both drug smuggler brothers are taking a tough task of drugs by little kids.

“Cha Tae-sik” sets that place on fire while taking out all the kids.
In which “Man seok” is also killed. where “So -Mi” is seen in the next scene.
A man had come to take “So-Mi” so her body organs may be sold take them out.
As “So-Mi” notices that there an injury on the head of that man so she bandages it.
The man feels his bad deeds. Sympathy is created in his heart for “So-Mi”.
That man brings “So-mi” to the same surgeon in a vehicle who removes the eyes of kids.
Here the surgeon pulls that kids’ eyes out here.
And he hands over these eyes to that man who gives it to their head “Man Seok”.

Meanwhile, “Cha Tae-Sik” is seen there as he asks “Man Seok” about “So-Mi”,
So he throws So Mi’s pulled eyes before him. And he says, Takes your “So-Mi”!
“Cha Tae-sik” kills all the men there in anger and wrath.
But “Man Seok” escapes from there. He was nearly to succeed in his struggle,
That he is caught by “Cha Tae-sik”. He begins to laugh loudly after catching him.
Because his car was bulletproof. “Cha Tae-sik” has not taken time to convert his astonishment to laughter.
Being shrewd, he continues to fire on the same place of the car window,
At last, car’s’ glass creates a hole. And “Man Seok” becomes the target with the gun bullet.

As a result, “Man Seaok” is died. In the end, “Cha Tae-sik” begins to fire the gun himself.
Suddenly, he hears the voice of “So-Mi”.
He is left shocked, hearing the voice of “So-Mi”.
“So-Mi” immediately embraces “Cha Tae-sik”, coming soon. Meantime, police also arrive there.
Police officers arrest “Cha Tae-sik”. But he requests them that,
May they stop the vehicle near the stationery shop?
He makes “So-Mi” purchase all the necessary items of stationery according to him.
And he says to her, You will have to deal with everything alone.
And you will have to wait for me for a short time period.
“So-Mi” starts to weep while embracing him.

At This Point, the movie Ends.

Wikipedia details about The Man from Nowhere: Ajeossi (2010) :

Hangul 아저씨
Revised Romanization Ajeossi
McCune–Reischauer Ajŏssi
Directed by Lee Jeong-beom
Written by Lee Jeong-beom
Produced by Lee Tae-heon
Starring  Won Bin , Kim Sae-ron
Cinematography Lee Tae-yoon
Edited by Kim Sang-bum
Music by Shim Hyun-jung
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date
August 4, 2010
Running time 119 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$43 million[1]

Credit :

Initial release: 5 August 2010 (South Korea)
Director: Lee Jeong-beom
Language: Korean
Music by: Shim Hyun-Jung
Box office: US$43 million
Edited by: Kim Sang-bum

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Best Reviews of this  Movie  By Users :



An ex-special agent is involved in a convoluted drug ring drama. He has to save a drug smuggler’s innocent daughter from being the victim of her parents’ fight.


James Robinson (Google User)

This is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. It is steeped in character development, so you actually care when something good, or bad happens along the way. Korean films really hit the mark on so many subtle aspects that American films miss. Without spoiling this film for others, I will tell you that much of the storyline is difficult to watch, especially when the children are on the screen.

In American films, there is often a suggestion of what occurred due to the sensors embedded by the Motion Picture Association. These filters don’t really seem to exist for foreign films. There’s nothing gratuitous, as in Sam Peckinpah’s movies, but there’s enough graphic violence to allow viewers to fill in the void, as they say. The leading character in this movie should’ve won the highest award available in Korea, as he was so believable in this role.

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