The Losers-2010 Film Explained | Losers Story Summarized

The Losers-2010 Film Explained| Losers Story Summarized  | The Losers (2010) Action movie is explained.  The American Action Thriller film “Losers: Special Forces Unit” story summarized with a full ending explanation. When four soldiers from the Army’s elite Special Forces are conducting a search and destroy mission. Now, all of these people must work together to find the traitor, with the help of a mysterious woman led by a team leader named ‘Clay,’ who reveals a lethal plan. Every member of the team has some skill, such as using heavy weapons or being a good operation controller. It is a full thriller movie explained.

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The Losers (2010) Film Explained| Losers Story Summarized

The Losers (2010) Action film is defined in English. The American Action Thriller film “Losers: Special Forces Unit” tale summarized with a complete finishing explanation. The plot revolves around vengeance and double-cross. When 4 infantrymen from the Army’s elite Special Forces are undertaking a seek and wreck mission. His seniors betray him there, and they may be declared dead. Now, all of those humans need to paintings collectively to discover the traitor, with the assist of a mysterious female led with the aid of using a group chief named ‘Clay,’ who well-known shows a deadly plan. Because if this isn’t always stopped, a high-tech worldwide battle should smash out. You do now no longer trouble orders to those Losers. Simply flip them loose. Every member of the group has a few skills, which include the usage of heavy guns or being a terrific operation controller. It is a complete mystery film defined in Hindi. Even nowadays film storyline is really well worth watching.

The Losers (2010) Film Full Explanation

This movie is about 4 friends.
At the starting of this movie, we see those 4 friends.
They were on an island
and were arguing about being superior in qualities to each other.
It means they were saying that I am better than you.
Suddenly, they bet on it.
They become busy playing the cards game.
During this, we are shown their real introduction.
According to it, a soldier name Jensen is the master of technology.
The second is named Cougar, he is the master of Archery.
The third is named Pooch, he is the master of cars and weapons.
The fourth soldier is named Roque, he is the master in planning.
Then Clay comes who takes them on a mission in Bolivia.
On the way, he tells them about a drug and Arms dealer named Fadhil.
A domestic terrorist was running an assembly.
Clay says we will search for him and will paint him with a laser-targeted bomb.
We will be saved from it.
There will be no problem.
Then they reach the targeted area.
But the place where they have to attack there were kids.
They move to the opposite side and attack.
They enter the compound and kill all the soldiers one by one.
Clay also shoots that drug dealer.
They all successfully rescue those kids.
They move from there and they send those kids in a helicopter safely.
But a man named Max from the operational center tells Clay
there is the order to destroy this helicopter.
Suddenly, a missile comes and destroys that helicopter along with the kids.
The soldiers knew that the attack was to kill the kids.
That’s why to prove their fake deaths they leave their things there.
It is proved in the news they all have died.
In the next scene, we see two chickens were fighting.
Clay and Roque were bet on them but they lose.
A girl there was seeing Clay.
Clay and Roque were talking to each other.
Clay says to Roque we have to do something to go against Max.
Roque says to him we don’t have money and we are also not soldiers now.
He says to him that’s why we shouldn’t do all this.
Then we see Clay in a club that girl comes there while chasing him.
She tries to be frank with him and Clay takes her to the hotel room.
The girl takes the gun while making the excuse for going to the washroom.
They start fighting.
The girl seems weak but
when she fights with Clay it seems she is the master of the fighting.
She throws a bottle at Clay’s head.
Then she hits him with a chair and she was a good fighter.
Clay asks her what do you want from me?
She says I can help you to find Max.
Clay asks the lady how do you know that we are alive?
She says I have counted the total teeth from a scrap of the helicopter.
She offers a deal to Clay in which she says I will give your positions back
and I want Max in return.
The lady gives him the address and asks him to come there with all soldiers.
Clay says to her If you are lying then I will kill you.
In the next scene, we see they come into a graveyard as the girl said.
Roque reminds Clay they have already been stuck
in problems due to the girls several times.
Once a girl has placed a bomb in his car.
That’s why he advises him to be conscious.
The girl comes there and tells her name is Aisha.
She tells them Max travels with the thirty private security.
She says I have the power to give your positions back in the US.
I can give funds to all the operations.
Because you are fit.
Roque says to her how can we trust you?
She says I am the first who admits that Max still exists.
She says you have to choices either you can waste time or can take revenge on him.
Then we see Max is asking about a deal from a man in Dubai.
He asks him to tell him is this a financial issue or a moral issue?
He tells him this is a moral issue
he says okay, so you are giving moral objection on this deal.
He says please I am sorry leave it.
The rich man gesticulates his man to kill him.
But he thinks he is saying to throw him from the 57th floor.
Then he asks the other two about their prospects
one of the men says our moral prospects are different.
It means we see moral values in a different way.
Max says I have to do one test and have to do their four uses.
The man says I will need more money.
The rich man says you will get the money. On another side,
Aisha takes all soldiers to the US secretly.
Then the rich man was in a helicopter.
And he destroys sonic to dematerialize and to use it on an empty Island.
He says it will not cause pollution.
Then the man of the rich man Wade asks to whom we will sell it?
He said that we will sell it to the Chinese people,
don’t know whether they will give us its real value or not.
It is like holding a gun to a 6 years old kid.
Wade asks what does it mean?
one more war, Max says we are doing all this to save the US.
The assistant of the max couldn’t handle the umbrella so he shoots him.
Then we see the group of the soldiers act and they fake their names.
Devillier sends a message through a wireless booth that we got into an accident.
In which Caravan is dead and Freeman is injured.
We need a medical assistant.
As those agents come to rescue them,
their companions attack them and make them faint.
Meanwhile, Clay and Aisha also come there.
Pooch and Roque prepares a rocket launcher to show it to Clay.
They test it as it becomes successful they become happy.
Then we see they are painting the helicopter returning to camp.
Does Jensen ask Aisha where you belong? she tells him I am from North America.
Then he tries to do flirt with her.
On another side, the other members of the group
were preparing the equipment with Clay.
Aisha says to them I think these guys are too small for the attack.
Then Roque asks Aisha what’s her problem? we can return home as well.
Aisha reminds him about the deal.
Roque says rudely your dealt with Clay and I want the answers to my questions.
Aisha tells him Max is buying advanced weapons.
I don’t know what will be the end of all this?
I just know that whenever he takes interest in something many people lose their life.
Roque asks her do you think you can stop him?
She says you people will do this task.
Roque points his gun at the girl and asks Clay can I kill this girl?
Clay says no you will not do this.
Aisha says shoot me but Clay stops him.
After thinking sometimes, Roque agrees and he doesn’t shoot her.
But he says to him if we will get into a problem because of this girl
I will not spare her.
In the next scene, we see Roque and Clay were seeing from a car secretly.
A car is going with a protocol,
they believe there is Max inside it.
As the car moves Roque fires a location weapon on it.
Due to it, they will come to know where Max is going.
They set their positions.
Cougar focuses on a car and shoots at it.
It destroys and Max’s companion tries to move from there.
But he comes to know the paths nearby are closed.
Meanwhile, Clay comes out of the car and fires a smoke shell towards them.
With it, Aisha and Pooch come into the helicopter.
Max’s companion orders to shoot at them.
Roque has set the location weapon on the car he fires it.
Wade asks for help from the controller.
In which the weapons were taken in the truck they lift it through the helicopter
The soldiers of Max start firing the helicopter from the ground.
Then Clay asks their current status from Pooch.
He tells him we have lifted up the truck and taking it.
They return and Pooch says to Clay surprisingly
do you know? the man of Max, Wade was also there.
Meanwhile, Roque says we should see inside the truck what’s in it?
As the door of the truck opens the soldiers come out from it.
They point the gun at clay.
They come and make those soldiers faint and save Clay.
Clay asks one of the soldiers where is Max?
He says I don’t know and Pooch also makes him faint.
Then Cougar takes a box from the truck,
a hard drive was in it.
The hard drive was locked.
It can’t be open without hacking it.
Clay orders to kill Aisha and to burn everything.
Aisha asks him don’t you want to see what’s inside that hard drive?
I don’t know where is Max
but I do know that he is taking something precious in that truck.
She says we should see what’s inside it.
So we can use it against him.
Jensen tells Clay this hard drive can’t open easily.
Clay says do you remember the kids lost their lives due to the man?
Roque says yes I do remember.
But I don’t want to stick in all this I want my previous life.
When he goes to kill the girl in anger.
Clay says to him If you don’t like the way I am doing work so you can leave.
Roque says to him where will I go? we are stuck now.
What do you want to do further?
Saying all this, he makes Clay aggressive.
Clay punches him.
The others stop him.
Then Pooch says to Roque that you should be thankful that we are alive.
We also have the hard drive to use against Max.
Clay asks them to release Aisha because they tied Aisha.
In the next scene, we see Max was telling a code to someone.
Wade comes and asks him about the code.
To know about his projects Max asks Wade about that he knows about them or not.
He asks him do you know about them? but he says no I don’t know.
Max says to him we should do work for the future.
Then he gives him 45 seconds and says tell me what happened to my hard drive?
Wade gives him a book in which there were pictures of Clay and his unit.
Max returns him while saying as it doesn’t matter to him.
Wade reminds him you worked with them 4 months ago to kill some people.
He says I have done a lot of things in 4 months.
When he gives him more hints he remembers.
Max asks him did they have my hard drive?
Okay, so 5 dead people hijacked you,
you find it who was behind them.
He says it was a special operation and Max says yes, I know.
I only know that someone is coming behind us.
He gives him instructions that he needs 18 firemen team within 12 hours.
In the next scene, they were sitting in a car Roque and Clay apologize to each other.
Then they go to the manufacturing place of the hard drive.
At first, Jensen enters the building while singing
he goes through the lift.
He changes his dress in the lift.
Then making an excuse he takes out the manager there.
He gives his fake introduction at reception
and says I am here to repair Anderson’s system.
The receptionist asks him to wait.
While trapping her Jensen goes to the room and steals the data in the USB.
Meanwhile, the security guard comes but he hits the briefcase on his face and runs.
As he reaches near the lift
the security stops him.
He acts in front of the security.
That I am a gun machine and I will shoot everyone.
He acts like this so Cougar will listen to his voice because he wore earplugs.
Meanwhile, Cougar shoots them.
He successfully runs from there.
After returning, they try to open the hard drive.
When they hack it there were 400 million dollars of Max in it.
They find some locations in it and they trace them.
Then we see Wade deals with a man in Mumbai.
He demands Wade for 1 million dollars.
Wade tells Max on call but Max says these are too much.
Then he orders him to make Clay and his group killed through those 18 firemen.
Wade says to him there is my brother-in-law among them.
But even then I will kill them.
In the next scene, we see the group on a ship.
They were seeing the location of Max.
Then we see Jensen gets information about the 400 million dollars in the hard drive
They get the information about Fahdil who was killed at the start of the movie.
They come to Clay while holding the guns
they say Aisha is the daughter of Fadhil.
Hearing it, Aisha also takes out her gun and shoots at Jensen.
The bullet shoots at his arm.
The fight starts between them and they fire at Aisha.
But she successfully runs from there. In the next scene, they blame Clay
they talk to move from here.
But they again change their decision and support Clay.
They go to Max’s location and they all set their position to attack.
Some soldiers come around Jensen.
Clay feels this is their trick.
Roque along with Wade holds Clay and says ill to him.
He gives that hard drive to Wade.
Then Wade tells Clay It was the mission of the CIA.
You tried to steal billion dollars.
Clay says to Roque you have done a huge mistake.
The army that holds them fire at Pooch’s legs.
Meanwhile, Aisha comes to save them from being a superwoman.
Aisha asks Clay did you killed my father?
He says yes because he was a bad man.
Three soldiers come there so Aisha shoots them.
They reach there to hold Max.
The place where he was dealing and the fighting begin there.
They start firing each other.
Clay and Roque also fight together and Clay makes an eye of Roque injured.
Wade follows him.
There was a plane coming from one side
and Wade was also coming from another side.
Clay was standing in between.
Clay asks Cougar to shoot Wade.
When he shoots Wade he hits the engine of the plane.
His bike also hits the plane and the plane also crashed.
Max was running from there.
Clay holds him and shoots at his shoulder.
The bomb for whom Max fixed the deal has its remote in his hand.
He throws the remote in the sea.
Clay jumps into the sea and holds the remote.
Max runs from there and Clay asks Aisha to come with him.
She says to him I have to finish all this now.
They all go to their house.
In the last scene of the movie, we see their team was on a mission.
Pooch comes to know on call that he has a baby.
He goes to see his baby.
With it, this movie ends here.

The Losers (2010) Movie Details

Directed by Sylvain White
Screenplay by
Based on
Produced by
Cinematography Scott Kevan
Edited by David Checel
Music by John Ottman
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date
  • April 23, 2010
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $25 million
Box office $29.9 million


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