The last 8-M of Irene Montero shows the breakdown of the Government and demobilizes feminism

The schism that began on Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies has peaked this Wednesday in the streets of Madrid. Two opposing marches, that of the PSOE and that of Unidas Podemos, which had to share space in the same demonstration, just 300 meters from each other.

And all just 24 hours after having voted separately on the reform of the law of the only yes is yes. His division, that of the Government, has become the coldest 8-M in recent years.

In what will be the last 8-M of Irene Montero As minister, the head of Equality has been able to take a mass bath in short distances, but in the midst of general demobilization: barely 17,000 people in the official march and less than 10,000 in the alternative, according to data from the Government Delegation. Last year, still with restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there were 56,000 protesters.

Not even Pedro Sanchezwho had not missed an 8-M, went this time to accompany her ministers, who knows if for fear of being a target of the discomfort and tension that was expected in the street.

What the president is clear about is that, if it depends on him, the number two of Podemos will not sit on the Council of Ministers again. Moreover, after the open war within the coalition for the law of the only yes is yesthere are those who even venture that the next government crisis could drag Irene Montero down.

Both the socialist wing and the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, already left Montero alone on Tuesday during the debate on the reform of the law. A prelude to 8-M and what is to come.

“It is bad news for women that the PSOE has shaken hands with the Popular Party,” he criticized. Irene Montero minutes before leading the purple march along the Paseo del Prado. Supported by the entire leadership of the Ministry of Equality and Podemos, the minister recalled that she is going to “continue conquering all rights for all women”, in reference to the dispute that she maintains with the PSOE.

[Jóvenes del PP con una pancarta de “que te vote Tito Berni” se encaran al PSOE en la marcha del 8-M]

The minister was received amid chants of “Irene, brave, here are your people” and “only yes is yes.” Slogans such as “we are not safe with Carmen Calvo” were also chanted, which the minister decided not to replicate.

“The conquest of consent in the center of the Penal Code is a conquest of women who have said that it is not abuse and that it is rape,” stressed the minister along with her number two, Angela Rodriguez Pam; the Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell; UP spokeswoman Isa Serra; the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Lilith Verstrynge; the UP candidate for the Community of Madrid, Alejandra Jacinto; and the LGTBI rights activist boti garcia. The general secretary of Podemos, Minister Ione Belarra, was unable to attend.

[El desplante de Irene Montero a Pedro Sánchez deja en “vía muerta” su relación con la Moncloa]

If Podemos had a relatively sweet reception in the demonstration -they heard some criticism, but it was not significant-, the PSOE had it more complicated. From the outset, the 8M Commission that organized the march is one of the most critical of the reform that the PSOE wants to undertake in the law of only yes is yes.

“The rivalry is not within women, but outside, among those who deny that there is structural machismo or who always make excuses for not allowing progress on equality,” explained the minister and number two of the PSOE next to the banner. Maria Jesus Montero.

The other Montero headed the banner of the PSOE, in which there were six more ministers: the vice president Nadia Calvino, Pilar Llop, Caroline Darias, Diana Morant, maroto kings and raquel sanchez. The wife of the President of the Government, begona gomezthe minister Luis Planas and the Secretary of Equality of the PSOE, Andrea Fernandezwho was in charge of defending in Congress the reform of the only yes is yes.

The number two of the PSOE assured at the beginning of the march that “the only cries of protest” that she expected were those “directed at those who do not condemn violent attitudes, justify machismo time and again and those who vote against laws that allow women to be equal”. In the end he did not receive any from Podemos, but they did fall from where he least expected.

Specifically, a group of members of the New Generations (NNGG) of the PP displayed a banner with the slogan “That Tito Berni vote for youbefore the main leaders of the PSOE. With the tension in the environment, some of the members popular They shoved with the Socialists until they were separated by UIP agents.

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