The incredible comeback of Al-Nassr and Cristiano Ronaldo which is controversial

It took a big arbitration controversy to definitively launch Cristiano Ronaldo’s season with Al-Nassr. The Portuguese international and his teammates may have benefited from a lot of help from the assistant referee.

Al-Nassr thought he was going through a hell of a drama during the meeting against Al-Batin. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team was down 1-0 at the start of extra time and saw the three points go away clearly. However, the turning point of the match came from the board of the fourth referee.

The interested party announced no less than twelve minutes of added time, enough time for the locals to concede three goals. The Al-Batin coach did not hide his surprise at the announcement of the long countdown.

Additional time is more or less justified

In the end, three of Ronaldo’s teammates set the record straight in the 94th and then the 112th minute, and Al-Nassr won (3-1). This success is logically tainted with a large referee’s aid, according to several followers of the Saudi team and other journalists.

It is obviously one of the richest and most well-known formations in the championship, which could explain this little boost from the referees, for many. Still, the added time seemed more or less consistent. A few minutes less could also be justified.

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