The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona begins tomorrow to recover part of its activity

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has been able to reactivate access to part of its computer systems affected by the cyberattack and tomorrow it will resume external consultations with 10% activity, as well as in operating rooms, where they expect to recover between 40 and 50% of procedures.

The Barcelona hospital was the object of a cyberattack launched from outside Spain last Sunday, and the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia is working to recover the system and to identify the perpetrators, in collaboration with the Mossos d’Esquadra and Interpol.

Surgical activity will also resume

Outpatient consultations will begin tomorrow with 10% activity, the Health Department has reported, warning that patients who can be visited will receive a call from the hospital to confirm their visit and those who reschedule their visit will be notified. soon.

Surgical activity will also resume and tomorrow it is expected to recover between 40% and 50% of operations in the facilities on Villarroel street, selectively.

“The criteria for recovering activity is that there is maximum patient safety and that is why the forecast is that it be done very progressively,” reports Salud, which warns that “for now, there is no date to reach the situation prior to the attack “.

The extraction center and oncological radiotherapy continues to postpone visits

The hospital will maintain all urgent and hospitalization activity in all Clínic locations (Villarroel, Plató and Maternidad) and home hospitalization, day hospitals, radiology, endoscopic tests, radiological examinations and outpatient pharmacy will also operate.

On the other hand, the center for extractions and oncological radiotherapy continues to postpone visits and urgent codes (heart attack, stroke, etc.) are sent to other centers.

The Department of Health indicates that it continues to coordinate the care network to care for all patients who must be referred to other hospitals.

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