The Haunted Reef: Kaluoka’hina (3D FULLDOME System)

Production company: Softmachine GmbH

Duration: 33 minutes

Qualification: all audiences

Languages: Spanish, Valencian, English and French

The Haunted Reef: Kaluoka’hina 3D recounts a fun adventure full of humor. This entertaining show for the whole family presents an exciting story brimming with information about the fantastic underwater world.

The immensity of our planet’s oceans hides unimaginable secrets. One of the most precious is the enchanted reef: Kaluoka’hina, whose magic protects it from being discovered by humans. The people of Kaluoka’hina have always lived in peace… until the volcano erupts and the spell is broken.

Now young sawfish Jake and his wacky friend Shorty are on a mission to restore the magic of Kaluoka’hina. His only clue: an ancient legend that tells of touching the moon. But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon?

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