“The goal is for my wife because I get unbearable”

Midfielder Joan Jordán, scorer of Sevilla’s first goal in the 2-0 victory against Turkish Fenerbahçe in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16, stated that “the team had good minutes” in the second half and He warned that they have achieved “a small advantage” for Istanbul, “but this is by no means closed.”

Jordán acknowledged after the match that they were not “well” in the first half and the rival had “scoring situations”, since the Sevilla team “was split at times”, although he stressed that in the second “the coach (Jorge Sampaoli ) has adjusted some things” and this “has been good for them”.

He considered that “when the can has been opened, the team has been released”, although he insisted on being prudent for the second leg, since they have acquired “a small advantage” that they now have to “know how to maintain”, and added about this victory against Fenerbahçe that will allow them to “better prepare” for Sunday’s important game in LaLiga against Almería, a direct rival for permanence.

“The situation is complex and playing in this situation is not easy. We know that Sunday’s game is key. The dedication of the goal is for my wife. It has been a difficult week for both of us because I get unbearable and the put up with me,” said the Catalan outlet.

Jordán also stressed that it is “a tremendous joy to score again” and admitted that he must “reach more from the second line and shoot more” at goal, in addition to indicating his goal, in which the ball was deflected by a defender after his shot, which “is worth the same as if he had entered through the squad”.

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