The giant killers Libaak and Ausburguer cannot find an antidote at the La Rioja Open

This La Rioja Open began with the focus on absences and, by a stroke of deed, has turned its lighting to illuminate, as the undisputed protagonists, two boys aged 18 and 17 determined to make history.

The two young pearls, Leo Augsburger and Tino LibaakThey arrived as guests at the event and have become the main actors in a competition that vindicates the past, present and future of Argentine padel.

Today, in the quarterfinals, they have written a new episode of their epic that has dazzled the stands of the super dome. The duo has defeated Maxi Sánchez and Lucas Campagnolo to get into the semifinals.

There is no male precedent for precociousness like that of Libaakthe youngest to reach the penultimate instance of a great in the World Padel Tour era (he is only surpassed by Bea González from Malaga).

Both have already left their business card in the 2022 edition of the Buenos Aires Master by accessing the round of 16. Nothing compared to the three bells in La Rioja, three hungry bites that have devoured former number ones at each step.

Next to Libaak and Augsburger there will be five more compatriots and a Spaniard. Lamperti and Belluati They have joined the semifinal party, with only two seeds, The Superkids, sufferers today; and Tapia and Coelloauthoritarian.

Libaak and Ausburguer devour legends

Leo Augsburger and Tino Libaak they can’t stop smiling. Off the track, of course. Inside they maintain an insatiable voracity supported by a shameless talent that does not pay attention to hierarchies or history.

Today, in the quarterfinals, the two Argentine boys have knocked out Maxi Sánchez and Lucas Campagnolo, couple 7 (6-3 and 7-5). Yesterday, they did the same with Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello, duo 3. And on the first day they gave a good account of Juan Martín Díaz and Agustín Gómez Silingo. Three number one hits at the halt at the hands of these two adolescent prodigies.

And tomorrow, in the semifinals, with Libaak breaking records as the youngest in the World Padel Tour era to reach one, they will seek to make history against Belluati and Lamperti and become the first wild card to reach a big final.

Lamperti and Belluati light up the Super Dome

With the permission of the giant slayers, the two revelation couples of the men’s table of this Open de La RiojaFace to face, they met in the first duel of the quarterfinals to advance to the semifinals. On the one hand, the Argentines Miguel Lamperti and Juan Cruz Belluatialways connected to a bleacher that woke up to the sound of the grizzled. Of the other, Victor Ruiz and Lucas Bergaminithe executioners of Bela and Sanyo.

The duel was hectic. Lamperti and Belluati they took the first set but failed to fasten the victory in two sleeves. The reaction of the Spanish-Brazilian duo caused a magnificent outcome that fell on the side of the Argentines (6-3, 4-6 and 6-3).

Superkids know how to suffer

Neither Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno They imagined what would happen right after endorsing a scoreless set to their rivals in the La Rioja Open quarterfinals. At times, Javi Garrido and Fede Chingotto They seemed not to have appeared in the Super Dome center (6-0).

Everything changed in the second set, based on the power of the Andalusian and the mobility and cunning of the Argentine from Olavarría. This is how they scored the second set (3-6) and balanced the score.

The pulse was resolved in a third set that rewarded the success of Stupa and Di Nenno (6-0, 3-6 and 6-3).

In the semifinals, The Superkids they will see each other’s faces Tapia and Coelloa repetition of the final of the Qatar Major last Sunday.

Tapia and Coello impose their seal

On a track that favors punching, Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello they are showing their intimidating power to break through. today before Alex Ruiz and Momo Gonzálezthe couple 2 of the tournament has barely conceded three games.

Coello and Tapia they have governed the game at will since its spectacular definition and have qualified for the semifinals.

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