The Gavi case continues in Court 10

Covered by the avalanche of sports and institutional news surrounding Barça, the Gavi case remains in the Mercantile Court number 10 of Barcelona after LaLiga met the deadlines to present the opposition letter to the very precautionary measure that a judge took on January 31. According to the same Gavi should be registered as a first team player despite the fact that LaLiga was opposed when Barça failed to comply with the financial fairplay ratios imposed by the employer. To achieve this very precautionary measure, Barça seized on the possible “irreparable damage” that not registering Gavi before June 30 could have. The Andalusian, recently renewed until 2026 with a clause of 1,000 million, could leave for free.

The case is two-speed, though it’s not even guaranteed which will be resolved sooner. The judge must rule on the very precautionary measure and also on the merits of the matter. If Barça is right, Gavi will be able to continue playing normally with his number ‘6’ and current conditions. But if not, he will be forced to fit it into his salary caps before the end of the season. If not, Gavi could fly.

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