The formal complaint of Libertad VCF to the RFEF with a copy to the CSD

He clear penalty committed this Sunday by Kessié on Fran Pérez in the final stretch of the match between FC Barcelona and Valencia CF at the Camp Nou has been the last straw. Valencia CF has not raised its voice angrily against another damaging arbitration decision against the black and white team, but several Valencian groups have decided to do so instead. The APAVCF has announced that it will study a lawsuit against Rubiales and Medina Cantalejo as representatives of the RFEF and the Referees. VCF freedom He announced this Sunday that he would send a letter to the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and that’s how it has been. In addition, with a copy to the Higher Sports Council of the Government of Spain (CSD).

Full VCF Freedom Letter:

The Libertad VCF association, representative of the fans and the minority shareholder of Valencia CF, wishes to submit a formal complaint against the arbitration body for the referee’s last performance in the match between FC Barcelona and Valencia CF on February 5.

First of all, we want to make it known that the Valencian fans and the club cannot be helpless and unprotected in the face of injustices, due to the mere fact that the largest shareholder, and therefore the club’s management team, have no interest in the sporting future of society for they have been attracted by another interest, well known, to our club.

Rather, on the contrary, this fact, that our hundred-year-old club is kidnapped by a plot with very different interests from that of a sports corporation or a football club, should attract special attention and protection by all the bodies that have to ensure the health of our sport.

Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Federation, during a press conference. EFE

Thus, as a body that, according to its statutes, title one, article 1, has as its object the protection of football in all its specialties and especially according to article 2 points d) and e) that we will transcribe:

d) The promotion of universal, educational and cultural values ​​that are at the base and foundation of football, and especially promoting and protecting ethical standards and good governance in Spanish football.

e) The promotion that sports values ​​prevail over commercial interests.

We want to manifest:


That the events that occurred in the FC Barcelona – Valencia CF match on March 5, 2023 in the 85th minute when the player Kessié apparently took a penalty on the player Fran Pérez, and not so much that the referee charged said infraction or did not would, if not that it did not even deserve a review by VAR technology is completely incomprehensible to us.

In the same way, that the referee ends the match when the time that he himself added to the second half had not yet been completed is difficult to explain, when it is an objective fact where there is no interpretation, only referee negligence or unknown interest. .

Kessie knocks down Fran Pérez and Alberola Rojas does not signal a penalty SD


That these facts and others of a similar severity suffered by Valencia CF and other teams throughout the season, faced with other evidence such as:

The well-known case of payments from FC Barcelona to Mr. José María Enríquez Negreira of the Technical Committee of Referees.

The latest images where referee Munuera Montero’s lip reading confirms that he is informing the Real Madrid Militao player of a red card that he forgave his teammate Vinicius.

They make us fear that we are facing a competition adulterated in one way or another, having dire consequences for our sport and for the fans.


For all of the above, we request the Royal Spanish Football Federation, and under the supervision of the Higher Sports Council, to establish an ex officio commission to investigate refereeing performance in the current LaLiga competition that can clarify the origin of the alleged irregularities that are marking out the competition and that are difficult to explain under the understandable arbitration difficulty and no coverage after the interpretative margin once VAR technology has been established.

In copy for the CSD

This complaint is presented to the Royal Spanish Football Federation with a copy to the Higher Sports Council emanating from the Valencia CF fans themselves.

José Manuel Franco, president of the CSD EFE

From the real Valencia CF, the one with 103 years of history, the one from Puchades, Claramunt or Kempes. The winner of leagues and cups, declared in 2004 the best club in the world. Valencia CF respectful and serious. Valencia CF of Valencia.

And not for the one located in businesses in Singapore or Portugal. The alien to the values ​​of sport. The one interested in sitting at the table with kings and gangsters.

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