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The Evolution Of Technology In Past Few Decades

The term technology is a vast term that is the use of scientific knowledge,tools, techniques and systems to create solutions. The solutions which are better in efficiency, problem solving and fulfills various needs of a society. Technology ranges from electronics to information technology. Everything has changed since 2000. Science has progressed in biotechnology, energy transportation and much more. Technology has impacted us greatly over the past few decades and brings a significant change in human life. You can use Age gap calculator to find how many years have passed in technological evolution.

Life and technology have one thing in common that they are open to change, here is a simple look on how technology has changed our life. This technological evolution has transformed our lives which can blow your mind.  Age Gap Formula is simply the difference of two dates so you can know how many years have passed in the starting of  a certain new technology. 


Ten years ago the most famous social media website facebook was not as popular as it is now. Facebook was known for its messenger. Plus writing on the wall of other users was the purpose of facebook. Now facebook is on another level. With new additional features and updates we can run our own e store on facebook. It is used for digital marketing services. It has improved user experience by adding new features and making it easy to run for everyone. 


Gmail is the main email service of Google. Without creating an account on gmail you can not have access to other google services. There is a wide variation of gmail from the last few decades. It has more features and several changes. Gmail now has a better user interface which is clear and modern. Gmail has introduced a smart compose feature which is an AI tool. This tool provides an autocorrect option while writing and suggests sentences during the writing process. Gmail now has separate features for enterprises and normal users.

 Gmail has now integrated with Google Drive and Google Docs which is a plus point. Users can now make a list of preferred email addresses which is a paid service. Google has also introduced a new service G suite. Gmail is an important part of G-suite. It serves all users from students to enterprises. 

An Age gap calculator will know the exact date when gmail started and how many years have passed since it has become better. 

Online Streaming Services

In past a few decade have you ever imagined watching a video online on an application? There was a tv show and we were happy watching online videos. Nowadays it is no surprise to watch online videos and your favorite tv shows. It is common practice  and people do not surprised anymore. The technological evolution has enabled people to break technical barrier to not watch movies but also enjoy their favorite shows anywhere. TV dramas and news channels upload their videos on their youtube where it can be accessed from everywhere. Many online movies can be watched without going to the cinema using apps like Netflix and Hulu. 


Few years ago a flip phone was considered a symbol of style factor but now at present age it is outdated and it has gone extinct. You hardly find one in 100 people using such a phone ,everyone has a smartphone with android technology. All things changed when the iphone came into the market in 2007. The new version of iphone has a plethora of features that no one could resist in buying an iphone. In the iPhone you could have multiple apps installed from third party apps which was not possible in flip phones. You can see how many years have passed since the launch of the iPhone using the Age gap calculator .This age difference calculator will let you know the difference of year, month and days entered. 

The technology is still growing and we will be surprised how the world and its lifestyle has changed. “Technology for change” has thus far been the motto for human civilization’s technological evolution. It is likely to remain the same in the next few years. An  Age gap calculator let you know how many years have passed in technological evolution

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