The chances of going to the quarterfinals of the Europa League

Sevilla FC has great ambitions in the europa league, being the team that has the most titles in the competition. In addition, some details such as the fact that he was matched in the draw for the round of 16 of the Europa League against Fenerbahçe, a rival with less experience in the tournament, make many have high expectations about his chances.

Also, even if great teams go to the next round, we must not forget that FC Barcelona is already out of the competition. Only two English teams remain that today show a good level of football, but Sevilla FC continues to be one of the great favorites for this edition of the Europa League.

But, what real chances does Sevilla have of going past the round of 16 in the Europa League? We analyze it.

Who is Sevilla FC’s rival in the Europa League round of 16?

The only rule that the draw for the round of 16 of the Europa League has is that teams from the same country or league cannot have a direct confrontation. In this way, Sevilla FC could not face Real Betis or Real Sociedad, leaving out only two English teams that are two of the favourites.

Nor could Sevilla FC have a direct encounter with the teams that come from the playoffs of the Europe League. Since each one must face the first of each group in the club competition.

Sevilla FC’s possible rivals for the round of 16 could only be Feyenoord, Freiburg, Unión Saint-Gilloise, Arsenal, Ferencváros and Fenerbahçe. Finally, the Seville team will have to face Fenerbahçe, according to the results of the draw for the competition.

Thus, everything indicates that Sevilla FC has a good chance of winning one of the most important tournaments at club level in Europe. He has already won six titles, conquered in the 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2020 editions. In addition, the next ones on the list only have three titles, which are Juventus, Atlético (eliminated) and Inter Milan, who plays in the Champions League.

It seems that Seville FC aims to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Europa League. In fact, the favorite betting sites of time2play They seem to favor the Sevilla team. Instead, the Turkish team is assigned a lower chance by the operators to proceed to the next round.

Monchi indicates that Sevilla FC is favorite to win the Europa League

Monchi indicated that although it is risky to say it in advance, Sevilla FC is one of the teams that aims to win the title of this edition of the Europa League. Well, it is a group that has managed to achieve a historic moment for the fans who closely follow each step it takes.

The general manager of Sevilla has been forceful in terms of achieving the team’s goals, and aspires to maintain regularity and continue to obtain good results. In addition, he has indicated that the Seville team does not forget the moments they have suffered during the other six titles won, in the season and what is missing in the future.

It is a team that has many offensive arguments to worry any rival, since he is very dangerous on counterattacks, and De Jong and Silva are excellent finishers. Likewise, Monchi has mentioned that they must be alert in every way during the matches if they want to achieve their objectives.

The story of Sevilla FC’s last title

It took the Sevilla team four years to win back their favorite competition, they did so when Jesus Navas lifted the disputed cup after defeating Inter 2-3 in the final. Those led by Julen Lopetegui at that time, they managed to overcome the goals of Godín and Lukaku after a brace from Luuk De Jong and a goal from Diego Carlos.

This match was played without an audience due to the coronavirus pandemic and, on that occasion, the tournament only consisted of 8 games. During these matches, both Roma, Wolves, Manchester United and Inter were defeated by the Seville team to win the Europa League title once again.

As you can see, although the victory of Sevilla FC is far from assured, today He is one of the clear favorites to go past the round of 16 at this week’s meeting.

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