The candidacy of Spain and Portugal for the 2030 World Cup negotiates the integration of Morocco

The candidacy that Spain and Portugal lead to host the soccer world cup 2030 You may have a new member. Is about Moroccothe northern country of Africa would adhere to the Iberian proposal led by Luis Rubiales and Fernando Gomez, since the Ukrainian federation has encountered interference from its president.

The problem of Ukraine is the highest president of the federation, Andriy Pavelko, which has a sanctioning file open by the administration of your country, and which has prevented it from being launched jointly for the moment. Although this is by no means exclusive or substitute for the country led by Volodymyr Zelensky, since they are completely different and independent actions and the negotiation with Morocco will not remove the position in the candidacy that they already had.

According to the rules of the estates of FIFA and Uefa, any country that intends to be part of a candidacy may be excluded if the international regulations are not complied with or violated and due to interference. This is the case of Ukraine and the president of its federation, Andriy Pavelko. Therefore, in the coming months, the evolution of what happens with Ukraine will be followed, although it is hoped that it will be part of the candidacy once these problems are solved and thus be able to be one of the organizers of the 2030 World Cup.

[Luis Rubiales, presidente de la RFEF, convencido: “Somos firmes candidatos para el Mundial de 2030”]

The proposal made up of Spain and Portugal, led by Luis Rubiales and fernando gomes, began its journey more than four years ago. For this reason, the interference that occurred with Andriy Pavelko has caused Ukraine’s participation in said candidacy to be put on standby.

On the other hand, both Spain and Portugal have begun talks with Morocco to accompany them in the candidacy through the presidents of the respective federations. Since it is considered that these exclusive and proper decisions of the federations and should not receive interference or government participation.

Luis Rubiales, in an act of the RFEF.

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At the moment, no definitive agreement has been reached and they continue to seek to close the incorporation of the North African country to accompany the candidacy of the 2030 Soccer World Cup. An option that wins integers to compete with Spain, Portugal and the country chaired by Volodymyr Zelensky, whether to give a solution to the interference that occurred with its president. Nothing has been resolved yet and no agreement has been reached. It is a possibility that is already taken into account and in which the different federations involved are working through their representatives.

Morocco, always related

The candidacy of Spain and Portugal to host the 2030 World Cup he always had the option of Morocco very present, although he ended up strengthening ties with Ukraine. The proximity of the territory governed by Mohamed VI It made him one of the aspirants to be among the list of those chosen to form it and, as a result, the first contacts have arrived to integrate them.

Therefore, negotiations between the two Iberian countries and the one in North Africa have already started. Moreover, Morocco already positioned itself at the time to host the Soccer World Cup 2026but was defeated by the North American candidacy, made up of the United States, Mexico and Canada, in the FIFA votes to welcome it.

However, the negotiations with the country chaired by Mohamed VI have been formalized and have begun to crystallize. In addition, Morocco already has to its credit a structure created to be able to host the corresponding 2030 World Cup soccer matches, in the event that its presence in the proposal is confirmed along with Spain and Portugal, due to its work on the proposal for 2026.

[El Santiago Bernabéu sería sede del partido inaugural y la final del Mundial 2030]

Both the Real spanish soccer federationwith Luis Rubiales at the helm, like the Portuguese, with Fernando Gomes at the helm, they have started contacts so that Morocco replaces Ukraine while waiting for the resolution of the Andriy Pavelko file, which will allow the European country to continue within the same.

Details of the application

Just a few months ago, Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, gave several details about the candidacy for the World Cup that he intends to host together with the Portuguese. In an interview for Cadena SER, he explained what his idea would be for its first and last meeting.

“I am convinced that the Santiago Bernabeu could be the place of departure and the place of the end”, he wielded. A detail to take into account is that the stadium of the real Madrid it will be at the forefront with the remodeling it is undergoing and which will be finished by the end of 2023.

In addition, there would already be a list of Spanish stadiums willing to host a 2030 World Cup match. These are: Metropolitan (Madrid), Camp Nou, RCD Stadium (Barcelona), san mames (Bilbao), The Charterhouse (Seville), New Mestalla (Valencia), the Romareda (Saragossa), The Rose Garden (Malaga), Royal Arena (Saint Sebastian), Riazor (La Coruna), ballads (Vigo), The New Condominium (Murcia), the mill (gijon) and Gran Canaria Stadium (the palms).

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