The brother of the minor allegedly raped in Badalona, ​​threatened with death

In the TV3 program, ‘ground floor‘, have spoken about this matter, since “as a result of the complaint, the other brother of the victim is receiving death threats like these“, introduced the presenter of the Catalan public channel.



In the messages that were displayed on the screen, it was read that they wrote the following threats on WhatsApp: “Because of you, a boy has entered a center. They have told me why you say that he has raped your sister. I do not know him, but I it has given pity That’s why I’m going to stab you so that your mother and father suffer for you. And for liars you are dead, friend you are dead. You study on Tuesday.” The victim’s brother replied to the messages saying: “But man, I’m 14 years old, I haven’t put anyone in a center“.

'Ground Floor'

‘Ground Floor’


“Your parents. And you will pay for it,” ended the chain of messages. These messages have made the situation more worrying, therefore, “a plainclothes Mossos agent will accompany the minor every day from his home to the institute“.

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The Badalona City Council have condemned this situation. In addition, the City will appear in the case to defend the victim of this alleged group rape. The Catalan city has demonstrated this Wednesday afternoon to reject any conduct like this in the city.

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