The Brazilian Justice refuses to withdraw Robinho’s passport after being sentenced to nine years

the mess with Robson de Souza ‘Robinho’ is served. All paths indicate that the former soccer player will have to serve a prison sentence in his country after being accused by the Italian Justice, and that the Brazilian Justice also confirmed, of rape while he was a member of the ranks of the AC Milan. Even so, he has received what appears to be good news: his passport will not be withdrawn.

Through the decision made by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) from Brazil, the request to have his passport taken away was refused. A response from the president of the STJ, the judge Maria Thereza de Assis Mourawhich denied an appeal filed by the Brazilian Women’s Uniona civil association present in 25 of the 27 states of the country, which requested this measure due to “the risk” that Robinho would leave the national territory.

According to the ruling, the organization points out that the “outstanding social relevance, given that there would be notable impunity for soccer players in cases of sexual violence” is one of the characteristics of the case. Despite this, the Superior Court of Justice decided not to continue with said process further.

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One of the main reasons indicated by Maria Thereza de Assis Moura for rejecting the request of the Brazilian Union of Women was that she considered that its analysis is “premature” given that the process is incipient and still “has not even been cited “to the former player of real MadridAC Milan or Manchester City to testify in the case.

The Italian Justice requested the extradition of the 39-year-old former soccer player, but it has not been possible because there is no such agreement between the transalpine country and Brazil. A situation similar to that experienced with Daniel Alveswho did have his passport withdrawn in Spain to prevent him from traveling to his place of birth.

Robinho, with the selection of Brazil


Moreover, this procedure was key and was taken as an example so that Dani Alves did not receive provisional release and continued in the Brians 2 prison.

Events that occurred in 2013

According to the sentence, Robinho was found guilty of events that occurred in 2013. It all goes back to a night where the then Milan player forced a young woman of Albanian origin to drink to knock her unconscious and thus be able to force her to have sex. sexual with him and his group of friends.

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Shortly after, the girl, when she was already unconscious, was raped in the local cloakroom by the Brazilian and his companions. In addition, Robinho has not been the only one to receive a harsh punishment, since his friend Ricardo Falcó was also sentenced to nine years in prison.

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