The Anchor (2022) Movie Explained

The Anchor (2022) Movie Explained

Short Explanation of The Anchor (2022) Movie

The Anchor (2022) Thriller movie explained. The American Horror Thriller film “Anchor” story summarized with a full ending explanation. The plot is about a mother and daughter who are frightened by a man trying to enter their home, whose shadow is visible at the door. The man eventually enters, and their fate remains unknown. The narrative shifts to Seela, an anchor on a news channel, preparing for her morning broadcast. Her mother is supportive and advises her on her job. Seela receives a distressing call from an unknown woman claiming a man is after her. She asks Seela to report her death but Seela dismisses it as a prank, but her reporter companion suggests otherwise. So, Seela goes to the woman’s house and discovers the bodies of the woman and her daughter, confirming the truth of the call. She reports on the incident and later sees a ghostly figure. Her colleague suggests she’s experiencing manifestations related to the case but the truth is something else.

As for me, I was completely captivated by this screenplay! The suspense and tension kept me on the edge of my seat from start to end. The way it seamlessly weaved together different storylines, from the initial chilling home invasion to Seela’s investigative journey, was expertly done. The actors felt real and relatable, and I found myself deeply invested in their fates. Also, Seela’s determination to follow up on the mysterious call, despite initial doubts, showcased her strong and compassionate character. I admired her commitment to uncovering the truth and seeking justice for the unfortunate victims.


Images and footage Source: Insight Film and Ace Maker Movie Works
Director: Jung Ji-Yeon
Producer: About Film
Edited by: Chun Woo-hee
Writer: ūJung Ji-yeon based on Anchor

Full Explanation of the movie The Anchor (2022) (Movie)

At the beginning of the film, we see a mother and her daughter.
Both were very scared.
The child is crying because a man is standing outside her door
who was trying to get inside
whose shadow is seen from the door.
And then the man goes inside the next moment.
Now what did he do with these mother and daughter?
This is not shown to us.
And this scene gets cut here.
In the next scene, we see a girl named Seela
who works as an anchor on a news channel.
That is, Seera used to give broadcast news.
Now Seera wakes up from sleep where her mother was making breakfast.
Here it was found that her mother is a very good woman
who always tells her about good and bad, right and wrong.
Especially about her job of anchoring.
Now Seera gets ready to go to the office early
because she had to do anchoring at 9 in the morning.
Now when Seera comes to the office, we see her companion here
who talks to Seera with a smile but inside she is jealous.
She is jealous because according to her, she is a very good anchor.
More than Seera.
But it was just a short training.
Seera went ahead of her and became famous everywhere.
Now when Seera was going for anchoring,
her reporter companion called her.
He said that there is a call for you, Seera.
Then without thinking, Seera starts listening to that call.
There was an unknown woman on that side who was very scared.
She says to Seera that a man has entered my house
who wants to kill me.
Now if that man kills me, then I want Seera
to do reporting and anchoring of my death
because I like you very much.
Saying this, she started telling Seera the address of her house
which she writes.
Listening to her, Serra’s reporter companion says
that I think this is a prank call.
Someone is doing this to make fun of you.
Hearing this, she started hanging up the phone.
But that unknown woman says that no, I am not doing any prank.
I am telling the truth because that man has killed my daughter
and now he is after me.
Saying this, she hangs up the phone.
Because of this, Seera gets tensed.
Now it is known that this unknown woman is no one else
but the one we saw in the beginning
who was with her daughter.
Anyway, because it was about to be 9 o’clock,
Seera goes for her anchoring.
When she was telling the news,
her attitude started changing suddenly.
The lines of the news in front, the words
she herself writes in Hindi.
Because of this, she gets very worried.
But somehow Seera handled herself here
and completes this broadcast.
After which she calls the unknown woman’s number again.
But this time no one answered the call.
In the evening, Seera comes and talks to her mom about this.
She had to say that if that woman is telling the truth,
then you have a very good chance to make a good report.
That’s why you should go there and check.
So now after listening to her mom,
Seera went to the address given by that woman.
And soon she reaches her house.
When she went inside, she saw that
she lost her mind and that the woman was telling the truth.
In fact, her daughter was killed.
Because when she went to the bathroom,
her dead body was found in the bathtub,
which was brutally killed.
And now when Seera went to the room,
she also saw the dead body of that unknown woman
who was hanging in the corner of the room.
Now Seera quickly tells everyone about this.
And here the media and the police also come.
And Seera gets a chance to report this incident.
As that woman had said.
Now when the woman’s dead body was being taken,
Seera tries to see her face.
But because it was being repeated on a plastic sheet,
she couldn’t see it because her face was covered.
Now when she came to the office,
she was also given the job of anchoring along with the reporting of that woman.
And when she was broadcasting about this,
she saw a ghost of a woman in one place.
Which was looking very drowsy.
Because she was sitting there in a strange way.
Her hair was open.
Seeing this Seera gets very scared.
But the next moment that ghost disappeared from there.
And Seera felt that this is definitely the ghost of that woman
which I have started seeing now.
After anchoring, she tells her reporter partner about this.
That I am seeing strange things about this case.
On which the reporter says that actually, you are seeing everything related to this incident.
That’s why you are seeing all that.
And for a few days, you will keep seeing like this.
After which you will stop seeing everything.
Now because Seera was doing everything related to this case very well.
So everyone praises her a lot.
Even the detective who was investigating this case,
Seera gets a chance to interview him.
Due to this his jealous partner also feels very bad.
Now here during the interview, the detective says that he killed the woman.
And no one killed his daughter.
In fact, all these incidents are his own.
He first killed his daughter.
After which he himself took his own life.
Actually, when that woman was young, she was studying in college.
So there she fell in love with a boy.
After which they got married.
Here their daughter was born.
But one day her husband left her.
And they both became alone.
But because of this incident, she took a lot of tension.
She became a victim of depression.
And she got a dangerous disease of the brain.
Although she was also getting treatment for it.
But that day she got tired and first killed her daughter.

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