“That’s where the drama begins”

Fani Carbajo is happy and excited. The Telecinco collaborator has a new life without Christofer Guzmán, with whom she has broken up for the umpteenth time and definitively, to start a new relationship with Fran Benito, a young man from Toledo whom she has already presented in her Mtmad space. But even so, the hatchet is by no means buried, since there are still numerous reproaches between the two.

The woman from Madrid has answered in socialite to his ex-partner, who recently revealed that the wedding that took place on Telecinco was only a paripé without any validity, but that it would have helped them earn good money to invest in a venue.

The couple would not have reached an economic agreement

The couple would not have reached an economic agreement

According to Fani, there would be a compelling reason for the wedding papers to never be delivered. “I’ve never said anything. I’m tired of always being blamed on me,” lamented the collaborator, who did not hesitate to reveal that the start of their televised break began with an economic disagreement between the two.

Apparently, and according to Fani’s testimony, the origin of the final separation is in that wedding and the marriage regime: “I want separation of property, he does not want separation of property and that is where the drama begins.” Therefore, this important disagreement would have been the final blow to one of the most unstable couples that television has given recently.

Accuses Christofer of being unfaithful

But money wouldn’t have been the only thing that would have killed the relationship. It is well known that Fani was unfaithful to Christofer on The Island of Temptations. This disloyalty has haunted the couple since it was broadcast on television, but the Madrid woman has assured that she is not the bad guy in the movie as has always been said.

As she told in the midday space, she would have enough evidence to ensure that Christofer had also cheated on her on some occasion: “People who are cruel to me for being unfaithful on a television program hurt me. Christofer has also been unfaithful I have conversations of him with girls when I was sleeping and he was in the living room.”

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