Tata Werneck impresses by showing resemblance between her and her daughter as children

Tata Werneck went to his Instagram this Friday, the 10th, to share a click directly from his childhood trunk.

Clara Maria and Tata Werneck (Reproduction/Instagram)

Photo: Marcia Piovesan

The presenter showed an old photo, in which she appears next to another child and holding a book. What most caught the attention of the comedian’s fans is the similarity between her and her daughter, Clara Mariathe result of his marriage to Rafael Vitti.

Tata Werneck displays resemblance between her and her daughter in childhood

“Is it me or Caca in this photo? (Not worth evaluating the quality of the 1930 photo)”she captioned the post.

Soon, Tata’s followers spoke out:

“Cacá is you all with your father’s nose”wrote the actress Renata Tobelem;

“Now I believe that when two people get married they look alike. When Clara is with her father she looks like her father, when she is with her mother she looks like her mother, so it’s because the parents have the same face”joked a fan;

“Lost Rafa, Clarinha is the face of Tata”said a third.

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