‘Target: The White House’, ‘Investigation Team’ and ‘Deluxe’ Compete Today for Audience

Tonight at 10:15 p.m. the 1 of TVE bets on the cinema with ‘sudden impact‘. Harry has been temporarily banned from San Francisco because his superiors are not comfortable with his police methods. Spending a few days on vacation in a small coastal town, he discovers that a serial killer is acting there. He also meets a beautiful artist, Jennifer Spencer. Jennifer and her sister, who remains in a catatonic state, were savagely raped years ago by a group of men.

‘Pinocchio’ visits Telecinco

Tonight at 10:00 p.m. Telecinco issues a new installment of ‘Deluxe Friday‘. José Luis ‘Pinocho’, the presumed brother of Anabel Pantoja, will go to Jorge Javier’s set to talk about the paternity tests that would show that he is indeed Anabel’s brother. In addition to this, the program will also comment on the last hour of ‘Survivors’ with a debate in which collaborators of the program and relatives of the contestants will participate.

antenna 3 broadcasts the second semifinal of ‘The challenge‘ at 10:10 p.m. The final is getting closer and today the names of the last three finalists are known, in addition to Rosa López, who managed to be the first to qualify to win this edition after her spectacular number together with the Taburete group. In the previous installment, Ana Guerra and Laura Escanes lost positions in the general ranking and they are going to have to go all out. At the same time, Jorge Lorenzo is tied on points with Laura Escanes, while Mariló Montero arrives after taking the three tens from the jury after her incredible apnea. Likewise, Jorge Blanco and Florentino Fernández are going to try to get away from the last qualifying positions. In addition, the program experiences the apnea of ​​the last contestant, Boris Izaguirre; The challenge: Eight celebrities try to meet the physical and mental challenges that the program gives them weekly, in addition to passing the tests that arise at each gala. Space accompanies them in training and is by their side when they win, but also when they don’t meet expectations. Later, the jury values ​​and scores their attitude, their effort and the final result. In addition, each installment has famous guests who have to face very high-level tests for which they have been preparing during the week.

Gerald Butler, protagonist in Four

Four bet on the cinema with ‘Objetive the white house‘, at 10:00 p.m. Mike Banning is an agent of the US Secret Service who, after a car accident in which he alone can save the life of President Asher, decides to leave him to work in the Treasury Department. But when a Korean commando led by Kang attacks the White House, taking the President and his team hostage, Banning is forced back into action.

the sixth emits ‘Research team‘ from 10:30 p.m. ‘Santeros: the hidden face’. A bloodline, a painted snake and two decapitated chickens. It is his signature next to the desecrated graves.

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