Surprisingly, Al Nassr no longer needs Cristiano Ronaldo

While he was voted player of the month for February, Cristiano Ronaldo would not be as indispensable to Al Nassr as he seems.

Led from the 17th minute by the bottom of the ranking Al Batin, Al Nassr came out in extremis thanks to three goals scored in stoppage time and maintain their lead ahead of Al Ittihad. Voted best player of the month for February, Cristiano Ronaldo started his Saudi march with a ghostly performance that has long handicapped his team.

A victory on the wire without Cristiano Ronaldo

The leaders received a red lantern who won only one game this season, the perfect opportunity to secure 3 easy points hoping to see Al Ittihad fall, rivals in the classification. But nothing went as planned. At a quarter of an hour, it was the visitors who opened the scoring and air-conditioned the MRSOOL Park. Especially since the locals fail to be dangerous and Cristiano Ronaldo misses everything he does.

As the encounter heads towards the biggest upset of the Saudi Pro League season which sees the leaders tumble at home to bottom-runners and lose the lead to their rivals, a miracle has befallen Al Nassr. An equalizer snatched at the 90th + 3 before a concert of stoppages which allow the locals to win by finding the nets at the 90th + 12 and 90th + 14.

Al Nassr, therefore, won hard without the help of his Portuguese star and thanks to goals from Abdulrahman Ghareeb, Mohammed Al Fatil, and Mohammed Maran in the very last moments. Next weekend, it’s a shock that awaits the team of Cristiano Ronaldo who will travel to the field of his runner-up Al Ittihad.

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