Super 8 (2011) Film Explained | A boy helps an Alien to get back to its Planet

Super 8 (2011) Thriller movie explained. The American Sci-Fi Thriller film “Super 8” story is summarized with a full ending explanation. A boy helps an Alien to get back to its Planet. The plot revolves around a group of young people who are making a zombie film in their small town. The mates have seen a frightening train crash while filming and are lucky to have escaped with their lives. A train derailment triggers a perplexing sequence of events in a tiny city. The monster ‘Cooper’ has finally arrived! They quickly realize that perhaps the disaster was not an accident, but rather a series of supernatural happenings and disappearances. They soon realize a shocking hidden truth. What is the dreadful reality behind the crash and how monster Cooper will take his avenge? This film is full of adventure and suspense, Everyone should watch it.

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Super 8 (2011) Film Explanation


At the start of the movie, we see a young boy Joe.
His mother lost her life today, he was upset and was sitting outside his house.
A car stops in front of him and a man from it goes inside Joe’s house.
But Joe’s father arrests him.
Because he was a police officer and maybe he suspects him.
Or there is some other problem.
Now the scene shifts after 4 months.
Joe’s friend tells him that he is making a movie.
In the movie, the leading character is a girl.
Her name is Alice.

Joe discusses this thing with his father.
He was still sad because of his wife’s death.
He says to Joe, no spend your time at a good place
not with those boys in making a movie.
You should learn how to play baseball.
I have taken the membership of its club.
But Joe wasn’t interested in it.
He goes to his house meanwhile, his friend calls him.
That we need you.

Alice is coming and you have to do the makeup of the characters.
Reach here immediately and Joe goes there.
He doesn’t even tell his father.
They reach the railway station and the shooting of the film starts
A boy was acting with Alice there.
Then a train passes from there.
Joe sees a car is moving speedily to the train.
The train can’t stop so it was the mistake of the car why it comes here?
Suddenly, the car and the train collapse.
Due to it, the train was also moved from its track.
It comes down.

It was harmed.
The engine of the train blasts and the train catches fire.
All the things on the train fall out.
These were some cubes.
The car that was collapsed with the train, the condition of it was also worst.
Going near, they come to know the man in the car was their teacher.
Suddenly their teacher comes to his senses and he points a gun at them.
That what are you doing here?
Who are you? then the filmmaker boy says We are your students.
You teach us Biology.
The teacher gets scared.

He says to them don’t tell anyone what happened today.
Otherwise, he will kill you all.
He will kill not only you but your family also.
So run from here.
Some air force officers come there but seeing them, they move in their car.
All reach their house.
When Joe was going to his home Alice gives him the cube
that fell from the train.
The next day, when Joe and his friend were seeing the news
they come to know the air force team has rescued their teacher.
His treatment is going on.

Meanwhile, Joe’s tells him about the shooting we have done yesterday,
the scenes are amazing in it
and I want to continue our shooting.
But the problem is Alice will not come today for the shooting.
She is scared because of yesterday.
Joe says leave it on me to agree with her.
The camera of Joe’s friend was damaged.
He gives it for repairing.
He says please give me the scene these are in it.
On another side, Joe brings her father’s camera
to complete the shooting of the film.
With it, he also calls Alice.

But she didn’t agree so Joe goes to Alice’s house
he requests her but Alice says leave from here I don’t want to shoot anymore.
I can’t tell the reason.
Before Joe says anything else Alice’s father comes
and he says don’t you listen to her leave from here. He talks to her rudely.
Joe leaves from there but Alice calls him from behind.
Stop Joe, I will help in the shooting.
I will support you till the film completes.
Then the team together go to the place
The place where they shoot before.
But the problem is the crash train was behind.
It was clear it is the place where the accident happened.

But they didn’t change the place so everything will look realistic.
The shooting completes today.
They start doing lunch.
On another side we see the army force,
they were packing the cubes that fell from the train and placing them in their stock.
Joe’s father comes there,
he asks them what are these cubes?
The Air force officers don’t tell him anything.
He was a colonel and he was hiding this thing.
What actually these cubes are?

Joe’s father goes to Sheriff,
he asks him but Sheriff makes him understand this is not your task.
You just keep your attention on your family
let them do what they are doing.
From there, the Sheriff was going somewhere and stops at a gas station.
There he hears some voices.
Many dogs were coming there while running.
Like someone is chasing them.
Meanwhile, the siren of the Sheriff’s car rings.
Sherif stops it then something passes by him speedily.

There was a shop nearby but the owner of the shop don’t know
that what is happening outside.
He was just listening to the music.
But behind in the blur scene, we are shown someone is pushing Sheriff’s car.
A creature who also wants to kill Sheriff.
The lights were dim
when the owner of the shop goes and sees Sheriff’s car was damaged badly.
The shop owner was searching for the creature
and Sheriff also.

That where did they go? but the creature comes in front of the shop owner.
While shouting he goes inside his shop.
We are not shown the creature
but it is shown that the creature pulls the man out of the shop.
The mirrors of the shop break.
The next morning, Joe’s father goes to the incident place.
He does the investigation there.
But he didn’t find the dead bodies of the Sheriff and the shop owner.
He thinks maybe they are missing and there may be some robbery held.
He admits their missing reports.

Joe’s father also comes to know the car engines of the people around are missing.
He suspects something is wandering and dangerous for everyone.
He also suspects the army force.
After the train incident, they take those cubes
they hide them, and weird incidents of these kinds happened.
Now we see Joe who is returning home sadly.
Because his dog was also lost.
He sticks the posters of his lost dog everywhere.
Returning home, he sees his father with the other police officers.
The light starts becoming Dim there,
Joe’s father was upset.

What happened with light? and he comes to know there is no light in the whole city.
An electrician was sent to repair the electricity of the city.
But the creature attacks him and breaks the mirrors of his car.
Then it kills him.
The next day, we see Joe’s father was talking to some people.
The people of the city tell their incident to Joe’s father.
Someone says the microwave is stolen from my house.
Others say different things.
With it, the light was gone which is also a strange thing.
An old man was standing there.

He tells Joe’s father I listen to the radio,
whenever I turn on the radio I can’t listen to any voice except for Army.
Here the suspicion of Joe’s father turns into a firm belief.
The Air force is included in it somewhere.
He asks them to turn on the radios coming there.
He sees Alice’s father there.
He was caught there in the allegation of robbery.
But he was released because he was proved innocent.
While going he says Joe’s father make your son understand.
Don’t come again to meet my daughter.

Then we see Joe and his friends while shooting.
Joe’s father sees him. He takes him home and asks him to stay away from Alice.
Hearing it, Joe starts weeping.
He goes to the graveyard and starts weeping near his mother’s grave.
There was a cottage nearby and he hears strange voices from it.
He becomes panics.
On another side, we see Joe’s father
the colonel has called him.

Because Joe’s father told him that I know everything.
As Joe’s father enters their base
the soldiers there lock him in a room.
In the next scene, we see the colonel with the doctor means the biology teacher.
The colonel asks him tell me what do you know about the creature?
The creature who has spread the destruction.
The teacher doesn’t tell him anything.
The colonel comes in anger and he says to the soldier to kill him.
One of them injects a poisonous injection into him.
Due to it, the teacher dies.
On another side, Joe was alone at his home.

Meanwhile, Alice comes to him and there was silence.
They observe the cube that Alice has given to Joe
which fell from the train
It moves on the table.
Suddenly, it breaks the wall and goes out.
This was a shocking thing for them.
That how a nonliving cube can move like this?
Now Alice moves her home at night.
Her father scolds her badly
that you are like her mother.

If you don’t like the house so go from here.
Now Alice takes her cycle and moves from the house
meanwhile, Alice’s father realizes that how rude was he talking to her.
He goes behind her.
But due to driving speedily Alice’s father’s car collapses with another car.
He gets into a bad accident.
Even the mirrors of the car also break.
Alice’s father was badly injured.
Before Alice sees her father the creature comes there.
It was a type of an Alien.

Alice screams and listening to his daughter’s screaming he comes out of the car.
But the creature has taken Alice far somewhere.
On the other side, Joe’s friend has given the tape to repair and it was developed.
When they play the tape they see everything on the incident’s night.
With it, they see a weird thing.
The creature, they didn’t see it that time.
We see the army force set the forest of the town on fire.
Because this was their operation within walking distance.
There was hustle and bustle in the whole city.
Joe and his friend were together.
They were nervous.

They were also taken to the place where the other people were.
Joe’s friend sees his mother.
Joe says where will I go?
He starts searching for his father.
He didn’t find his father but he sees Alice’s father.
He asks Alice’s father about Alice.
At first, they go to the school and open the locker of their biology teacher
there were many tapes and videos on it.
Playing it, they come to know their teacher was in it force before.
The cubes which fell from the train were experimenting on them.
Not only this, but they were also doing experiments on these creatures.
It hurts them.

They lock the creature or Aliens in a cage.
When their biology teacher goes near the cage,
the creature wrapped its hand around his waist.
And it says while lifting him send us back to our home.
We are being teased here.
The teacher also understands the Aliens are in trouble.
He decided to save the Aliens.
But the air force comes into the school and holds Joe and his companions.
The boy with them informs Joe’s father.
Your son and the others are being arrested by the air force.
Joe’s father immediately leaves from there.
He wears the uniform of an officer after killing him.

On another side, the air force takes them in a bus and moves from there.
All were nervous.
Then something comes inside while breaking the mirror of the bus.
But we couldn’t see it properly.
The bus was losing its balance.
It comes on two wheels.
And was driving while being bent.
It seems like someone is following them continuously and is near them.
The tires of the bus get punctured.
It stops at night in between the road.
There an alerting situation creates.
They all were panic.

What can be done now? nothing can be done while sitting inside the bus.
They decide to open the door of the bus.
As the door opens the Alien holds the legs of an officer
it pulls him while attacking him.
The officer shouts ” Save me, don’t let me go” but none helps him.
Joe’s friend starts vomiting.
They all get scared.
They say to the officers this all happened because of you.
The officer starts the bus.
But due to the punctured tires, the bus fell.
The Alien means the creature now on the upside of their bus.
It was trying to break the bus.

They were trying to open the door.
Meanwhile, the officers were trying to contact somewhere.
So someone will come to help them.
Meanwhile, the alien moves its hand inside while breaking the bus.
They say to the colonel give us the keys we are stuck here or open the door,
he couldn’t find the keys.
On another side, Joe finds a broken mirror.
Joe’s friends lift him so he will go out
through the mirror and will take them out too.
Joe breaks the mirror more.

He comes out from there and pulls his friends out from there.
Ar first, he sees the creature from near.
The colonel was also about to shoot the creature.
They all come out of the bus hiding from the creature.
The creature was near the colonel.
It attacks the colonel with its huge and weird teeth.
There was the glass behind the colonel and he smashed while hitting with it.
There was blood everywhere.
Then the car of the boy arrives there.
They go in his car before.

He takes them with him. Joe says while driving I will take you to the graveyard.
I have heard the voices from the cottage there.
We also come to know with the research of our teacher they live underground.
There will be any creature surely.
We will come to know how can we get rid of them?
They see there are some strikes of the air force on the way.
A tank fell there and it injures a friend of Joe’s.
The filmmaker friend of Joe says I will stop here,
you go there.

Joe’s father while taking Alice’s father with him moves to search for their kids.
On another side, we see Joe in a cottage.
When he goes inside the cottage he sees
the Alien has made its lab in the basement.
Alice is also there but she was faint.
He tries to make her comes to her senses.
He slaps her and due to it, she comes to her senses.
They also escape the sheriff from there but the alien again comes there.
It throws the sheriff and one more lady behind.
Joe goes to the alien and says stop to, stop the destruction.
I know what do you want.
You can go back to your home.

I am here and I assure you no one will stop you.
It lifts Joe near it and reads his mind.
It comes to know Joe is speaking the truth
so it doesn’t say anything to Joe’s friends and leaves him.
And leaves from there.
Now the cubes the air force has filled in their trucks.
They come out together and are gathered at a water tank.
They together come in a form of a spaceship.
Alien sits in it and moves from there.
Then the locket of Joe’s mother falls from Joe’s pocket.
Joe holds it but then he leaves it while thinking my mother lives in my heart.
My father loves me as my mother.
Joe and Alice’s father also come there
Joe holds his hand.
Here this movie Ends.


Source: Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions
Director: J. J. Abrams
Producer: Steven Spielberg
Edited: Maryann Brandon
Director – J.J. Abrams
Writer  – J.J. Abrams
Stars – Elle FanningAJ MichalkaKyle Chandler
Release date: 14 September 2011 (India)
Director: J.J. Abrams
Box office: $260.1 million
Music by: Michael Giacchino
Production; companies: Bad Robot Productions; Amblin Entertainment


Wikipedia Quotes about this Movie

The film stars Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, and Kyle Chandler and tells the story of a group of young teenagers who are filming their own Super 8 movie when a train derails, releasing a dangerous presence into their town.

IMDb Quotes about this Movie

During the summer of 1979, a group of friends witness a train crash and investigate subsequent unexplained events in their small town.


IMDB User Review About This Movie

Nooch0074  –
ET meets Goonies meets The Sandlot

I was fortunate enough to see a screening this morning in DC. I had pretty high hopes for it from what I saw from the trailers. I don’t lean one way or the other when it comes to Abrams, some of his stuff I like, some of it I don’t. Super 8 is one that I loved.

In the current era of CGI-laden, soul-dead adventure flicks, Super 8 distinguishes itself by having a heart. There is an authenticity to those kids in the film, a familiarity in their conversations. It reminded me of when I was a kid. It was like ET meets Goonies meets The Sandlot. And the film that they are trying to make within the film, and their obsession with “production values” draws a lot of laughs.

The friendship between the kids in the film really resonates, and the emotional elements of the film totally deliver. One of the most poignant scenes in the film has nothing to do with what’s in the train car or the air force, and anything like that….rather, it’s a scene that takes place in Joe’s bedroom as he sits on the floor talking to Alice.

Now, as much as I loved the film, it is not without some flaws, mostly in continuity. Also, I would have liked a little more exposition for some of the characters, I would love to know more about Alice’s father. That being said, I am forgiving on those things because the movie hits its mark everywhere else.

Surely it will draw its comparisons to ET, and the other early Spielberg works, but those comparisons will always be unfair. Those films came at a different time. And the people who see Super 8 today, have changed since they first saw ET or any of those other films. I am just glad the generation of younger people will have this as a generational film for them, as I had with those other great adventure films.

All in all, Super 8 was a terrific film experience, that will leave you with a smile on your face.



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