Stumble of big ones in the States reinforces the power of Palmeiras – 03/12/2023

Cruzeiro, Atlético, Corinthians and Fluminense stumbled in the state. Flamengo stumbled on almost everything this year so far. Fortaleza stumbled in the Libertadores anteroom. Grêmio and Inter are still intermittent. Santos and Botafogo are far below average. What about Palmeiras? Palmeiras is left.

The team that didn’t hire and sold two key players for Abel’s scheme: Danilo and Scarpa.

Even so, Palmeiras enters the field and in a short time it is clear that the team will impose itself and that it will be difficult to accept a defeat.

Gabriel Menino is replacing Danilo at the height and Bruno Tabata already shows that he can be a starter.

Abel formed much more than a team; he formed a group.

Palmeiras is strong at counterattacking, at kicking from outside the area, at set pieces, at defending itself, at keeping the ball spinning when necessary, at rehearsed plays, at occupying small spaces, at occupying large spaces and at not getting disorganized. after conceding a goal.

There is no team today in Brazil like Abel Ferreira’s. Not even close.

The brute force with which he occupies the field is beautiful to see: a rare and even unprecedented beauty around here.

I have been saying that we are facing a new gym and, with each passing day, I am more sure of that.

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