Statement by Ricky’s Cavaliers for the ring against the Celtics

The Cleveland Cavaliers of Ricky Rubio they made quite a statement for the ring. deep. Direct. Timely. Going back to the no longer so untouchable Boston Celtics, forcing overtime to the limit with Mitchell’s free throws, they managed to bring down the team of joe mazzulla (118-114), so lonely not so long ago in the conversation about the best in the NBA, brought down from the East lead by the Bucks and going through one of the worst moments of the season with his third straight loss after those of the Nets and Knicks.

The advantage of the greens reached 15 points in the middle of the third quarter (71-86), although, of course, in this current NBA of rampant scoring, any quarter is relative. And more, when the boy from the 71 points with Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, the never seen since the mammoth 81 so many of kobe ​​bryant in 2006. As an incisive finisher, Lamar Stevens, author of 5 decisive points in extra time with a perfect 3/3 shooting to finish with 8 points and 8 assists.

Ricky Rubio, always fundamental also noting his ancestry on the bench


‘Spida’ climbed up to the 40 points -14/34 in field goals and 4/11 in triples-, and 11 rebounds despite the fact that, contrary to the previous duel between the Celtics and Cavs on Wednesday, there was no motivation like Jason Tatumruled out due to a knee injury, right or just a euphemism to hide a break in this crazy calendar, with back-to-back for Boston after also falling into overtime in the Madison Square Garden. answered for him Jaylen Brown on the edge of the triple-double but without getting to cover with his 32 points (12/26 in TC and 1/7 in triples), 13 rebounds and 9 assists to the other ‘Jay’.

The great noted, Grant Williams, responsible despite his 12 goals for the two ‘rude’ failures that condemned Boston to overtime, missing two free throws with one second remaining. Those that Mitchell hit, withstanding that great pressure that means hitting from 4.60 in the ‘clutch’.

AND Ricky Rubio He slowed down again with only 2 points, something that must be put as an asterisk anyway, since he was only on the court for 7 minutes registering those 2 goals when he scored his only shot. Cavs coach J.B. Bickerstaffalso wants to dose him for some play-offs for which the man from El Masnou should already be at the top of his level or close to it.

The good level of the Cleveland ‘backcourt’ also gives Ricky more room in what it takes to get 100% after his serious injury, because, apart from Mitchell, he also scored at a good level Darius Garland, more lucid distributing -12 assists- than producing, with 17 points after 6/18 in shooting. In the painting, he imposed Evan Mobley, as powerful as he is efficient with his 25 points after a 10/14 shooting and 17 rebounds. In the Celtics there was everything between the others, unbalanced the 24 points of malcolm brogdon for Smart’s 11 after his horrible 4/17 in pitching.

It is still the regular season but it is already perceived the moment of truth, to which the Cavaliers -seated in fourth place-, are going to present themselves with a 3-1 victory over the favorite of the East, a condition that Boston now shares with Milwaukee. Cleveland, gaining more and more experience with their full roster with the return of Ricky, he arms himself even more with morale.

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