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Brain Teaser Overview:

Puzzle games called “brain teasers” challenge players to find a solution to a given issue. Brain teasers are entertaining but sometimes mentally taxing. They are a wonderful method to increase your brain capacity and lateral thinking abilities, keep your memory strong, and make you happy. There are several methods to organize these activities. They typically take the shape of puzzles that must be solved. It frequently calls for unusual thinking while keeping the limits in mind; occasionally, it calls for lateral thinking. Among the various kinds of brain teasers are logic puzzles and riddles.

Ready for Challenge:

You may solve The arithmetic puzzle In The Image shown below by taking a look at it. Is it simple? Did you manage to figure out the puzzle? Let’s make things difficult. Time yourself for 12 seconds to see how quickly you can answer this arithmetic problem. Bring out your mathematical thinking to tackle this challenging puzzle. Your time Has begun.

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The brain may be stretched and stimulated by solving arithmetic puzzles, Which can also serve to increase one’s understanding of and proficiency In The subject. Finding the answer frequently involves using reasoning and problem-solving skills. Mathematical problems that rely on reasoning and extrapolating knowledge from a given set of conditions are called logic puzzles. Although They could be difficult, The joy of succeeding can be satisfying.

A win-win circumstance, yes?

Be quick!

The time is running out!

Have you figured out The puzzle yet?

Time is up.

A mathematical conundrum can be resolved by observing it, trying to solve it, and coming up With a solution. If you are unable to solve the problem, we have a solution. We have the answer to this mathematical conundrum if you are still trying to solve it. You may evaluate your observational skills and sharpness by solving this puzzle.


To answer mathematical riddles, use mathematical formulae and equations. It teaches the correct method for responding to a mathematical problem.

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Solution of Brain Teaser

The pattern is as

(4 – 3 ) + 4 = 5
(8 – 6 ) + 6 = 10
(24 – 18 ) +24 = 30

Hence, the answer is 30.

Regularly solving brainteasers can improve your intelligence and focus. Brain teasers, on The other hand, are known to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as cognitive functioning. In addition, they provide you with a welcome respite and help you renew your energy, breaking the monotony. Also, finishing this Article raises your IQ score, Which Is used to assess a person’s intellect.

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