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Ana Vetter, 27, was working on an expansion project at Spokane Tribe Casino when tragedy struck.

Sandi and Paul Vetter received a call from their daughter’s fiancée this afternoon. This call changed their lives.
Sandi stated that Ana had been injured at the job site and that Ana has since disappeared.

Ana Vetter, Ana’s daughter, was working on the expansion of the Spokane Tribe Casino since Ana became a journeyman carpenter.

Sandi stated, “So excited to be in Spokane” and to be a part the union. She loves that she gets up early to go to work at these jobs.

Ana had recently bought a house in Nine Mile Falls and was engaged to be married. Ana loved the outdoors, her husband and four dogs. Ana’s dad said that Ana was not a quick fix when it came down to safety.

Paul stated, “Safety was one her major, major items and for this to occur, it’s just devastated.”

At 9:30 AM, multiple 911 dispatchers received calls regarding a collapse at the construction site.

Many casino guests heard about the tragedy.

One guest stated that it sounded like an explosion and that the ground shaken. “I saw the firetrucks, the ambulance, and the first responders, so I knew someone was either hurt or worse.”

Swinerton Construction is constructing the expansion. Swinerton Construction says that crews experienced formwork collapse. Formwork is the mold that forms concrete into structural shapes. Other workers were not hurt.

Brad Richmond, Airway Heights Police Chief, stated that the police wanted to keep his family’s thoughts in mind. “All the workers in construction are also welcome.”

Paul and Sandi, almost 8 hours after their daughter’s death, said that they had not yet received a call from the authorities or the company informing them about Ana at 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Their future son in law was the one who told them.

Paul stated, “We have learned more from your coverage of the events than any information we’ve received directly.”

They have many questions, and they want people to think of their daughter. She is credited with helping other women in construction.

Sandi stated that Sandi would always buckle down when faced with a challenge.

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