“Sometimes there are things in favor, sometimes against”

The Getafe coach said about the 2-2 controversy in the 106th minute: “We have suffered things of this level this year”

Quique Sánchez Flores, together with Sergio González

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Quique Sánchez Flores, Getafe’s coach, declared after the match that this Friday faced his team against Cádiz at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium that “we also suffered a lot this year from things of this level, sometimes they were in favor and sometimes against”.

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After a game that ended 2-2 with a last goal for Getafe from a penalty in added time (in minute 106), the Madrid coach stated at a press conference that “we know what is inside the area, what can occur, the number of things that can happen, which are infinite, and the possibilities that can occur within the area”.

Quique indicated that “putting the ball into the net already has a prize”, congratulating himself on the point added at the Mirandilla stadium, which makes them continue in a “dynamic” far from defeats.

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