Sofie Svava: “Dance, dance Linda Caicedo”

Linda Caicedo needed just 68 minutes to celebrate her first goal with Real Madrid, the striker had already played 15 minutes over the weekend in the league against Alhama and against Villarreal for the Copa de la Reina, coach Alberto Toril sent her to the pitch at 67′. Mobility and intelligence, the two characteristics that the Colombian showed to define after the assistance of Sofie Svava, his best partner on the left side and who left him a message on networks after his score.

Little by little, Linda is adding arguments so that Toril thinks about making her the headline, In the 53 minutes that she was on the field, the Colombian did very well, always seeking to unbalance and create space for those who came from behind. It will depend on her quick adaptation to convince the coach to put her in the starting eleven, her main competition would be the French Naomie Feller to occupy the left wing in the 3 that the coach proposes behind the only forward, taking into account that Weir and Athenea are keys to the team.

Svava was not the only one who reacted to the Colombian’s goal, so did defender Kathellen Sousa, who is recovering from a left arm injury. “Let the dances begin”put the Brazilian on Instagram next to the video of the goal scored by the Colombian.

Sofie Svava – Linda Caicedo, a partnership begins to form

The two players constantly looked for each other to prevent Guijarro, Pérez and Romero from blocking their exit. The best moment was in extra time when they were able to react after the tie that caused extra time. There, the mobility and speed of the Colombian were essential for Svava to look for her to build walls and win the bottom.

In the play of the goal, the movement of the Colombian inward was key so that Svava could surprise from behind and receiving the pass from Maite Oroz, who had just entered 10 minutes earlier, Real Madrid’s 8 helped make the game more fluid and with great vision, filtered a ball into the back so that the Danish full-back entered the area from behind whoever He marked it and could get the pass for Linda who anticipated the Villarreal defense to convert and celebrate with a dance that will surely be recurring from now on.

At the end of the game, the networks of the Madrid players began to move with the publications for the classification. Many highlighted the collective work and others like Sofie and Kathellen praised the Colombian who responded to Svava.

Now, Linda and Real Madrid are getting ready for the league weekend classic against Atlético de Madrid that will be played on Sunday, March 12, starting at noon at the Wanda Alcalá de Henares Sports Center. There will be no Colombian duel as Leicy Santos continues to recover from her injury.

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