Society of the Snow is a 2023 survival thriller film based on Pablo Vierci’s book

Society of the Snow is a 2023 survival thriller film based on Pablo Vierci’s book of the same name.

The film closed the 80th Venice International Film Festival, was released theatrically in Uruguay, Spain, the US and was streamed on Netflix on 4 January 2024.


A series of murders occur in the small town of Algorta, and the mayor is accused of the crime. The police chief is also accused of the crime.


Bayona bought the rights to Vierci’s book after filming The Impossible and interviewed all of the living survivors. The film was announced in November 2021 and had 138 shooting days.

In 2021, a second unit filmed landscapes in Chile for reference in on-set virtual production and post-production, and in 2022, principal photography took place in Sierra Nevada. Three replicas of fuselage wreckages were used, and a 30-metre-tall screen displayed the second unit’s footage.


The film was set as the closing film of the 80th Venice International Film Festival, and screened in the Perlak section at the 71st San Sebastián International Film Festival and at the 2023 AFI Fest.


The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes assigned the film a score of 8.1/10 based on 60 reviews, and Metacritic gave it a score of 71 out of 100.

Guy Lodge of Variety called the film a “brawnily effective tear-jerker” and Wendy Ide of ScreenDaily said that the film was elevated by bracingly muscular action sequences. Pete Hammond of Deadline said that the film was about human resilience.



The cast is as follows:[15][16][17][18]

  • Enzo Vogrincic Roldán as Numa Turcatti
  • Matías Recalt as Roberto Canessa
  • Agustín Pardella as Nando Parrado
  • Tomas Wolf as Gustavo Zerbino
  • Diego Vegezzi as Marcelo Pérez del Castillo
  • Esteban Kukuriczka as Adolfo “Fito” Strauch
  • Francisco Romero as Daniel Fernández Strauch
  • Rafael Federman as Eduardo Strauch
  • Felipe González Otaño as Carlitos Páez
  • Agustín Della Corte as Antonio “Tintín” Vizintín
  • Valentino Alonso as Alfredo “Pancho” Delgado
  • Simón Hempe as José Luis “Coche” Inciarte
  • Fernando Contigiani García as Arturo Nogueira
  • Benjamín Segura as Rafael “el Vasco” Echavarren
  • Rocco Posca as Ramón “Moncho” Sabella
  • Luciano Chatton as Pedro Algorta
  • Agustín Berruti as Bobby François
  • Juan Caruso as Álvaro Mangino
  • Andy Pruss as Roy Harley
  • Santiago Vaca Narvaja as Daniel Maspons
  • Esteban Bigliardi as Javier Methol
  • Paula Baldini as Liliana Methol
  • Federico Aznarez as Enrique Platero
  • Alfonsina Carrocio as Susana Parrado
  • Silvia Giselle Pereyra as Eugenia Parrado
  • Virginia Kaufmann as Esther Nicola
  • Felipe Ramusio as Diego Storm
  • Blas Polidori as Gustavo Nicolich
  • Emanuel Parga as Carlos Roque
  • Iair Said as Julio César Ferradas
  • Louta as Gastón Costemalle
  • Carlos “Carlitos” Páez as his father, Carlos Páez Vilaró[19]
  • Maximiliano de la Cruz as Lt Col Dante Lagurara

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