‘Since ‘Show das Poderosas’ begging for support’

Artist made a long outburst after being honored by the record company during Women’s Day; company said it will not take a position on the matter

The singer Anita again criticized the Warner Music after a campaign in which she was honored at the International Women’s Daycelebrated last Wednesday, the 8th. The artist reposted a photo of her published by the company with the song To involve and claimed that he had not had support when releasing one of the biggest hits of his career.

“They posted me during Women’s Day, even if I have to go public and ask for the ‘respect for women’ that this date represents”, he wrote in the stories of Instagram, in English. “And they still use a background song that they said would never be successful without a partnership because I’m not strong enough for that”, he added.

Anitta said that she even talked to the CEO a month ago for her contract to be terminated, which did not happen. She even argued that she does not receive support from the record company to promote her songs. “Respect me, a young woman, giving at least a little importance to the fair, honest and respectful conversation I asked you to have,” she wrote.

The artist asked for a “fair price” for the contract with Warner Music and gave advice to young artists at the beginning of their careers. “Be careful what you sign. I was so young and innocent when I did this to myself ten years ago. I didn’t know 10% of reality,” she said.

“No matter how small you are, you will grow. And being stuck in a loop that doesn’t change is frustrating. […] Then you’ll get into this insane ‘fight’ that I’m in right now, where you have to fight for yourself because they don’t give a shit. Because you are too small in the huge sea of ​​sharks with thousands of other little fish to keep eating.”

Anitta returned to criticize Warner Music after the publication of Dia das Mulheres.

Photo: Reproduction of stories/Instagram/@anitta / Estadão

At the twitter, fans praised the artist for the outburst. The singer took the opportunity to respond to some tweets and claimed that the label did not support her when she performed Lobby with missy elliott at the American Music Awards. According to Anitta, the performance was paid by the Chinese retailer Shein.

Responding to a netizen who called her “brave”, the singer claimed that Warner Music has not supported her since she released Powerful’s show, the first big hit of her career. “If it gets worse, at least I won’t pretend that everything is okay anymore because I’ve already exhausted my strength,” she wrote.

O Estadão contacted Warner Music, but the company chose not to comment on the matter.

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