Should the adverb ‘alone’ be checked? The “stormy” debate in the RAE is reopened

The Royal Spanish Academy faces its weekly plenary session this Thursday, an appointment that, according to the academic and author Arturo Pérez-Reverte, will be “stormy” since the justification for labeling the adverb ‘alone’ will be addressed.

This was stated by Pérez Reverte last Friday after the weekly plenary session on Thursdays held by the RAE and that on that occasion he addressed that the use of the accent mark in the adverb ‘only’ should be justified in cases in which there is a risk of ambiguity in the opinion of the writer. A possibility that academic writers have been vindicating for years, according to sources from the Academy plenary session, and that today will return to its agenda at the plenary session that is being held this afternoon at the Madrid headquarters of the RAE.

Its use was recommended to distinguish it from the adjective until it was suppressed in 2010

It comes back a week after there have been comments and debates between “tildistas and antitildistas” about the recovery of the tilde in the adverb ‘solo’ (which is equivalent to only), since for years the RAE recommended its use when it was only used as an adverb to distinguish it from the adjective, until it was suppressed in 2010, as happened with other words such as “was”.

The RAE, founded in 1713, has as its main mission to ensure that the changes experienced by the Spanish language in its constant adaptation to the needs of its speakers do not break the essential unity that it maintains throughout the Hispanic area, according to the institution.

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