Shooting near 52nd Street and Broadway Road leaves Five-year-old dead and two other kids injured

Late on Friday night in Tempe, a shooting incident between two vehicles resulted in the death of a five-year-old child and injuries to two other individuals.

According to the Tempe police, the incident occurred at approximately 11:45 p.m. near the intersection of 52nd Street and Broadway Road.

The police found that one of the vehicles had shot into the other, which contained an adult and six children.

Three of the children were shot, and they were quickly transported to a nearby hospital.

Unfortunately, the five-year-old child did not survive.

The other two injured children are in critical condition, but they are expected to recover.

The ages of the other two victims have not yet been disclosed.

The police have not provided information about the number of suspects involved in the shooting, and an investigation into the incident is currently underway to determine what led to the tragic event.

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