Sh0cking Video Shows Student Hugging and Struggling with Teacher to Prevent Caning (WATCH NOW)

A viral video has surfaced online showing a Senior High Schoool student hugging and struggling with his teacher in an attempt to prevent him from caning him right in front of his class.

The incident, which reportedly occurred in a school in Ghana, has sparked a stir online among viewers who have reacted with mixed reactions.

teacher caning student

In the video, the student can be seen pleading with the teacher to stop the caning, but the teacher continues, prompting the student to cling to him in desperation.

As expected, netizens reacted:

student hug teacher caning him
Student hug teacher caning him

“Our own school days we no fit carry phone enter class. These teachers teaching these sets go hear word.”

“In 2023 kids are still getting lashed eii”

“That’s so wrong of the student.”

Children of now a days don’t respect

Not funny at all…where is respect for older person?

Aswear but is not good attitude no matter how tall you are a teacher is a master

You need a hug🫂 😂😂 old man

Indomie kids laughing up n den wid dat gyimifuo blogger how is this even funny mtchwww

This have to finish now africa bitting somebody child 😂😂

Hugging the sir like his own girlfriend 😂

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