Sevilla revives but Betis and Real Sociedad succumb

Lights and shadows in the first leg of the round of 16 of the europa league for Spanish football. Meanwhile he Seville rose before him Fenerbahce and achieved a valuable 2-0 to calmly face the second leg, the Real Betis succumbed at home Manchester Utd (4-1) and the Real society could not cope with Rome of Jose Mourinho (2-0).

The Sevilla thing with the Europa League is worth studying. The team of Sampaoli arrived very touched after his last punctures in The league that, once again, they have put him in serious trouble again with the descent to Second division. However, it is playing this European competition and completely changing the face.

After a first half in which nerves were still present, the Andalusians came out on top in the second half. in goal of Jordan At the start, he calmed Sevilla’s game and released the contained tension that could be seen in the celebration. The result was tight until the end, but that was when lick it, after a gift from Rakitic, He put in the second to leave the tie for the second leg on track.

the defeats

He Real Betis He had one of the most complicated games because he visited the home of the Manchester Utdthat since he eliminated the FC Barcelona has become one of the main favorites to win the Europa League. The Verdiblancos had good minutes in Old Trafford during the first half and they came to promise them happy, but in the second half the red devils they ran over me like a steamroller.

Everything soon began to go uphill when, after 6 minutes of play, Rashford He showed that he is at an unattainable level and put the United. Betis, however, knew how to recover and equalized after half an hour with a spectacular strike from Ayoze from inside the area. The Andalusians took advantage of the inaccuracies of degea to generate danger, although at halftime the score reflected a 1-1 that left everything open.

In the second 45 minutes the English whirlwind arrived. Anthony He signed a goal to remember as soon as the second part started, bruno fernandes He followed it with the same and the lace put it Weghorst in the final stretch to leave almost sight for the tie to be sentenced.

Weghorst celebrates the last goal of the match.


Who also had no good luck on this day of the first leg of the round of 16 was the Real society. those of Imanol Bailiff succumbed to the greater effectiveness of the AS Roma in it Olympic Stadium and they overcomplicated their existence in the europa league.

Soon they began to put things in their place those of Jose Mourinho because before even the first quarter of an hour had been played, a good play against the Italians ended in the opening goal of the match. Abraham he performed a good maneuver down the right flank, served the cross to the far post and appeared there with everything The Shaarawy to finish off in an acrobatic position.

The people from San Sebastian tried to change things in the second half through substitutions, but it was the Romans who, in the final stretch, doubled their lead. They did it through a goal from kumbulla That puts things very uphill for the Basques for the second leg.

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