Sevilla FC: The judge dismisses the measures requested by Del Nido

News arrives related to the shareholding battle of Sevilla FC. The Mercantile Court No. 3 has reported on Monday afternoon the dismissal of precautionary measures requested a few weeks ago by Jose Maria del Nido. Consequently, at the moment there will be no changes or movements in the Board of Directors of the Seville entity.

New blow for Jose Maria del Nido

Judge Pedro Márquez Rubio has rejected the measures requested by Jose María del Nido against the current Council of Administration of Sevilla FC and has given the reason to the current maximum mandator of the club, jose castro. Both the former president and Castro They went to Commercial Court No. 3 with their respective lawyers last Friday to present their perspectives before the judge. Despite the fact that Del Nido left the meeting with optimism, he has now seen again frustrated his attempt to return to the presidency of Sevilla FC with the latest legal news.

Del Nido claimed precautionary measures several weeks ago after what happened in the last general meeting of shareholders of Sevilla FC on December 29, which he attended with a important share package in his favor. During the course of it, she was denied the vote in the points 10 and 13which precisely dealt with a possible termination of the current Board of Directors of the club.

Board of Directors of Sevilla FC

Following the latest news of the judge’s decision, there will be no movements in the current Council of Administration of Sevilla FC nor appointment of a judicial administrator. The current leaders, led by Pepe Castro, they will keep their position within the organization chart of the club at a time when the entity is experiencing a alarming sports situation.

So, Castro wins a legal battle again Jose Maria del Nido. The next opportunity for the former president will be at the Provincial Court, where he also has another open front related to the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

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