Sevilla FC: The Committee maintains the sanction against Pape Gueye

Sevilla FC continues accumulating bad news for the most crucial stretch it’s from the season. The Competition Committee has dismissed the appeal Presented by the Andalusian club for the annulment of the sanction against Pape Gueye. The player will maintain the expulsion for a double yellow card that he suffered last Saturday at the Civitas Metropolitano. Therefore, the Franco-Senegalese It wont be available facing the next league game against Almería, a vital casualty.

major loss

Once the non-withdrawal of the second yellow card for Gueye has been confirmed, the bad news for Sevilla FC does not stop growing. The continuous injuries in the rear, the sanction to Fernando and the failure of the appeal presented by Pape Gueye the doubts increase more in a drifting club The Competition Committee has dismissed the allegations presented by the Andalusians and the Franco-Senegalese will miss the next day of LaLiga against a direct rival, Unión Deportiva Almería.

The resolution of the Competition Committee

The Royal Spanish Football Federation and its Competition Committee have issued the Competition Resolution for the recent League matchday. finishing by dismiss the appeal Presented by Sevilla FC in relation to the suspension of Pape Gueye.

The idea of ​​Sevilla FC

The General Director of Sevilla FC covered the news announcing the intention to appeal the second yellow card for the midfielder in the last league game. “We have appealed the card. There are very clear images in which the player kicks the ball with his left leg and the Atlético player steps on Pape himself. What the minutes describe does not reflect reality” Monchi pointed out in the Roberto Arrocha program, Set Pieces. However, the Competition Committee has dismissed the proposal, maintaining the sanction Pape Gueye for expulsion with a double yellow card.

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