Sevilla FC: Simplicity prevails over ojana

He Sevilla F.C. he passed his first matchball of the week after reaping good news in the form of a victory against Fenerbahçe. after a negligent first timeJorge Sampaoli attended to logic and set aside the experiments in order to take a giant step in the tie. The changes and the modification of the system elevated Sevilla Fútbol Club to a victory that full of confidence to the Sevilla squad for the very final against UD Almería.

A Sevilla FC without frills

Footballa sport full of baroque figures who experiment even with insufficient inventory for their work, it’s more simple of what they think A fine line that can lead you to the front door or, in the worst case, to the infirmary. Against Fenerbahce, Sevilla FC contradicted that from the simple to the extraordinarythus reaping news that gives a momentary respite to Sevilla.

During the first act, the most fearful and anguished version of Jorge Sampaoli’s cast appeared on stage. As a result of the ojana Casilda’s coach, Sevilla Fútbol Club offered a new verbenesque episode: Telles as a center back, Acuña from inside and Rakitic as a false winger. The result of the experiment, indeed, return to distressing chaos. Marko Dmitrovicexalted as usual, saved Sevilla FC from a mess that would have left the worst possible news before the final on Sunday.

Fortunately, Jorge Sampaoli gave in to logic. For the second half there would be no players out of position and system modifications with more numbers in the drawing than results. From the entry of Joan Jordan by an Alex Telles who does not know the defensive trade, changed the scheme and hence, all players They were placed in its natural position. As expected, the party changed radically, favoring the benefits of a Sevilla FC with better news in its football. Greater clarity of ideas, better defensive organization and more malice to punish in the rival goal.

Thus, the rectification of the grotesque leaves a more than favorable result for some people from Seville who took a gigantic step in the tie. Now we just have to wait for a confirmation from the team on Sunday. Turning point or mere anecdote? Soccer is not an exact sciencebut of course it’s a lot simpler than some baroques try to lead staff to believe.

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