Sevilla FC: Sevilla FC resorts to the TAD for Pape Gueye

The presence of Pape Gueye against UD Almería is not ruled out. Sevilla FC has presented a last resort before the TAD, with the hope of getting the good news that annuls the sanction to the Senegalese. The presence of the African, key for Sampaoli, would mean a breath of fresh air for the Sevilla midfield.

Sevilla FC resorts to the TAD

The expulsion of Pape Gueye was one of the many bad news left by the defeat of Sevilla FC against Atlético de Madrid. The Senegalese was sent off after a rather rigorous second yellow, which the Nervión club did not hesitate to claim. His allegation, however, fell on deaf ears, since neither the Competition Committee nor the Appeals Committee they attended the appeal of the sevillistas, maintaining the sanction the African footballer.

Faced with this situation, the Seville club has decided to speed up its options so that Pape Gueye is available for this day’s vital match against UD Almería. Thus, Sevilla FC has submitted an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in search of finally getting good news. While waiting for the result, which will come out this Friday afternoon, in Nervión they trust the annulment of the sanctionor at least when it is granted the precautionary to study the resource later.

Pape Gueye, key to Sampaoli

Since its arrival at the winter market, Pape Gueye has become a fundamental piece for Jorge Sampaoli. The Senegalese landed on his feet in Nervión. His performance has been remarkable in the five games played, contributing everything that the squad lacked in midfield. The good news generated by the footballer makes Sevilla FC already value the purchase of him in summer.

The role of the African was emphasized from the outset, already starting at the Camp Nou in his first call. So much so, that many lament the fact that he has been designated to stay out of the UEFA list. Gueye’s importance at Sevilla FC is maximum and his presence against UD Almería can only mean good news for the people of Seville. He has to wait for the resolution at the last possible resort.

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