Sevilla FC: Monchi: “I am suffering more than I would wish for my worst enemy”

Monchi, sports director of Sevilla, has once again shown his face at a difficult time. He is the visible face of the entity, especially in difficult moments, and the only one who is still being listened to, with a gigantic detachment between the stands and the board of directors. That is why Monchi wanted to speak in the official media. To send a message of self-criticism and support for the squad and the coach, who has been touched after the latest results, with three consecutive defeats (especially the last two) that have done a lot of damage. Very much. Despite the words of the islander, the continuity of Sampaoli for a week, a month or a year will only be marked by the results.

It is a difficult moment, very complicated. Where it is tremendously difficult to find some glimpse to hold onto in order to change the internal sensations that I have. It’s time to get up and try to reverse the situation. It is the most negative and complicated moment that I have experienced as sports director of Sevilla. There is no other choice but to look ahead and draw strength. We have to turn around a critical situation where we have found ourselves due to our own mistakes,” Monchi started.

“It’s hard differentiate the personal and the professional in a person like me who lives it so passionately. Many circumstances are mixed. It is impossible to differentiate. I am living a difficult moment. It affects me in other areas of my life. I am suffering more than I would wish on my worst enemy.. These are very hard moments. It’s time to get up Nothing has been written about cowards,” he added. “If I weren’t worried it would be worrying. I don’t like to see Sevilla in this circumstance. I have sorrow and pain for what we are having to live. Mourning has to last what it has to last. I have a very close relationship with the locker room and they need to see me strong. It is my obligation: get up and convey to them how good they are. Today we talked about that in the locker room“, revealed the sports director of Seville.

What have you told them?

“I have tried to make them see the moment we are living, the situation we are experiencing and ask them to get the best out of them. We have to recover the best individual and collective version of all of them. When one thinks to look the other way, bad. The solution to get out of this critical moment is through union. Try to find solutions. An important part of the current situation, the guilt is ma. But I think that most of the solution is in them, in the players. Let them believe in themselves“.

What do you see in the players?

“There will be time to look for what we have done wrong so that it does not happen again. The group needs that together we can help them to recover the sensations as a group. Since the dispersion it will not be solved. The problem with the template is the head. They have more doubts than normal. Because running you can see that they all run“.

fear of relegation

We are in the fight. You have to accept reality. I have faith. But my words are worthless. People are tired of hearing me ask for patience. The team has arguments to get out of that quagmire we are in. If the solution was for me to leave, I would have left yesterday, not today. I know there are people who think I should go. It would hurt the club more today. It’s not the moment. I understand that my message is no longer bought by people. They buy you the results. But I think I can contribute from my plot in these months.”

How did you get here?

Because we have been wrong. We have grown thanks to the successes. There is nothing else. There is no more secret than doing things right. Always with our model, which is risky because mistakes are expensive. We have made mistakes and everything that could go wrong has gone worse. You have to assume that before you were very good and now you are bad. You have to be brave to receive criticism and nothing happens on a personal level.”


“With 14 games remaining, everything is decisive. We don’t have to go to Getafe, first we have to go to Almera. It’s a key, fundamental game. At the moment we’re all fundamental.”

The future of Jorge Sampaoli

“I have asked him how he is. If you see yourself with the strength to pull this off. and i’ve seen it well. You have to look for the best version of each one. I am convinced that you will get it“.

Europa League

A problem will be not playing it. The Europa League must be faced with the same motivation as Almeria. He gets out of the potholes from the confidence. The best medicine to beat Almera is to beat Almera first Fenerbahe. Osasuna’s party is the one that has once again marked this negativity.”

personal revenge

“What makes me the most happy in the world is making the Sevilla fans happy. And now I am hurt and sad because I know people who are having a hard time for Sevilla. It is one of my great regrets. The greatest prize is to make people who feel like you happy. I have no personal revenge.”

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