Sevilla FC: Breath of fresh air to continue fighting

Seville Football Club and Unión Deportiva Almería faced each other in a match in which the people from Seville showed more lights than shadows. However, they also had some problems behind that they have already been showing throughout the season. Some players stood out from the rest and once again showed the level that the fans expect of them. Others continue to show some shortcomings that could have caused bad news for Sevilla FC.

More good than bad news for Sevilla FC

In the first half, Sevilla Fútbol Club started downhill. Fortunately for their interests, the Seville knew how to recover to finish it with a tie on the scoreboard. Already in the second, those of Sampaoli were once again superior and the match ended with good news for Sevilla FC. However, the people of Almería were very attentive to the local failures, that they could have conceded more than one goal if it hadn’t been for Dmitrovic’s good performance. Despite the visitors’ chances, those from Nervión achieved a victory that worth more than three points for them and that makes them face the rest of the games with a different face.

After the European victory, it was necessary for the team led by Jorge Sampaoli keep up the good work because he was facing a direct rival for permanence. The return of Loïc Badé gave the defense greater security. In addition, the band players made constant transitions, reason why his papers in the field were very complete. These details could help Sevilla FC come out of that hole in which it finds itself and which has given so many bad news to the fans.

However, Not all that glitters is gold. Although there is more good news than bad for Sevilla FC, the negative aspects must also be pointed out. The first of them is the lack of concentration of the players from the first minute. In the visitor’s first dangerous play, Pozo entered the baseline very easily and Akieme finished off quite solo inside the area. This may be mainly due to a brand failure of the Sevilla defenders. In addition, several errors could be observed in the ball outlet, both central defenders and midfielders. The main chances for UD Almería came from mistakes in the passes of Sevilla Fútbol Club.

Regarding the offensive aspects, there are also several points to improve. At times, local attackers found themselves blocked by the lack of ideas A lot was played for the ends and based on centers, which were not finished off by the area players. Someone was missing to break lines and propose new ideas to attack Fernando’s goal.

You can also take positive things from the meeting. The idea of attack on the wings It caused some dangerous occasions. The arrivals of the wingers gave the wingers more freedom to enter the rival area. The presence of two players on the wings was a headache for the Almería defense. In addition, that these full-backs also made very good defensive transitions. In this way, the visitors’ opportunities were greatly reduced due to the good retreats of Sevilla Fútbol Club. To this is added the defensive strengthespecially from Badé, who was very attentive to the visiting forwards.

Finally, it was seen how the changes They gave the team freshness and were key to completing the comeback. In previous games it was observed how the lack of resources made the level of the squad decrease after certain minutes. The recovery and arrival of players in recent months is having a positive effect on the results.

Improvements in many footballers

After the local victory, it is difficult to single out a single Sevilla player. The MVP of the match, according to LaLiga, was Coconut lick it. It is true that the entry of the Argentine was key to finish turning the game around. His constant presence in the rival area meant that the defenders from Almería had to be constantly attentive to their attacks. However, the ex of Tottenham was very mischievous in these actions and took advantage of his opportunity. On the other hand, it is impossible not to talk about Dmitrovic. The Serb replaced Bono in the first half, after the Moroccan’s injury. He didn’t have to show up much but, on the occasions that he did, freed Sevilla FC from bad news. It is worth noting the miraculous hand that he took from Luis Suárez in a one-on-one. Replacing Yassine is very complicated, but Marko did it with flying colors.

Also mention Lucas Ocampos. The Argentine attacker was a constant danger during the first half. He did not have a specific position and his movements drove the rival defense crazy. He created several dangerous chances and scored the penalty in remarkable fashion. Highlight Loïc Badé’s defensive appearances. His return has provided greater security to the Seville defense and makes the Sevilla goal more secure. He knows how to lead that area of ​​the field. What’s more, the UD Almería strikers haven’t been able to dribble past them throughout the game.

Few hits to the players

It is very difficult to use the term ‘worst’ to refer to any player. Some have had small failures but, in general, the whole team has been good during the match. Mention the blunder of Joan Jordan in the second half he left Luis Suárez alone, although the striker did not know how to take advantage of his opportunity, mainly due to Dmitrovic’s save.

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