Sevilla FC: Being so unlucky is not a matter of luck

If we believed that the face that Sevilla FC showed on Osasuna day was the worst version of our team, the Madrid match came to teach us that it can always get a little worse. Jovellanos said that Spain was a country where pleas for drought were drowned in floods. We lamented the three goals from Osasuna and the pathetic one from Madrid makes us six. You don’t want soup…so double bowl.

That there are four central defenders injured, that Rakitic misses 50% of the penalties, that the team accumulates so many cards, that Fernando loses his roles for the first time and loses four games, that Tecatito or Papu have eternal injuries, that at the worst moment of the entity, the maximum shareholders are at odds in the courts… Having such a bad fate, it is not a matter of fairness, nor of baraca.

Appealing to bad luck is typical of losers and ignoramuses. Pure, chance probability tends towards thermodynamic equilibrium, which is death. As Keynes said, in the end… all bald. This natural, physical tendency to balance means that good or bad streaks tend to offset each other. Luck alone explains nothing. Sevilla FC must recognize that currently the model, which has been very successful up to now, is already exhausted.

And it is not a matter of bad luck, nor of distributing blame left and right. The atmosphere changes and the other clubs also move and learn. The still photo is very necessary for memory but of little use for the future: the trend is the graph that should guide us. Ours has been very good since the beginning of the 21st century, but only on the condition that we look at it from a dynamic perspective. The later we recognize the closure of the present dying cycle, the more difficult it will be to restart a new successful cycle.

Does all this imply changes in the current diligence of the club? Probably. And in the articulation of the shareholding majority? I do not want it, nor do I consider it essential. And I don’t want it because it would break one of the constants of the club’s successful trend: the endogenous character of Sevilla’s capital.

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