Serie A: The goalkeeper who was better than Buffon and ended up selling cocaine to get high: Caterini’s sentence

Marco Cateriniexporter of the Rome and old promise of Italian football who came to play alongside Francesco Totti and Gianluigi Buffonwas arrested on June 2, 2022 accused of drug trafficking and it has been sentenced to a year and a half in jail.

In cadet category Caterini was ahead of Buffon in the lower teams of Italy and even ‘Insiders’ ranked the then Roma youth academy goalkeeper better than the current Parma goalkeeper, who has been capped 176 times with Italy.

Marco Caterini: “He trafficked with doses of drugs to be able to pay for mine”

‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ reports that Caterini, who is 46 years old and in 1993 he was runner-up in Europe Under 16 with the Italian teamsaw his football career cut short due to injuries and for not accepting a loan offer from Roma to Tricase de Puglia in Serie D.

Emanuele Zotti publishes in the Italian newspaper that Marco Caterini, after losing his job as an expert and insurance adjuster, ended up selling doses of cocaine to pay for his addiction.

My life moved to the drug-trafficking neighborhoods of Rome and as a regular user I ended up selling it. He trafficked in the minimum doses necessary to be able to pay the ma

Marco Caterini

“My life moved to the neighborhoods of drug dealers in Rome, such as San Basilio, Tor Bella Monaca, Quarticciolo, and as a regular consumer I ended up selling it. I trafficked with the minimum doses necessary to be able to pay for mine,” explains the former soccer player.

Caterini was arrested after losing his wallet in a struggle with the police

Caterini explained about his arrest that “at that moment I was in a state of alteration… I instinctively had the reaction to flee.” In the escape I stumbled several times until I found myself on the ground, at that moment they grabbed me but I struggled, jerkily, to be able to let go and ran away, then I realized that they were no longer chasing me and that I had lost my wallet with my documents, so that was probably enough to identify me.”

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