See 10 programs on free-to-air TV that are (still) worth watching – 03/06/2023

Data from the new ibope measurement system, released last week by this column, show that, inside homes, 73% of video content consumption still comes from the sovereign free-to-air TV.

After seven decades, this vehicle is still the most important in people’s lives and the most valuable for advertisers. Despite the repetitive schedule.

Who watches broadcast TV?

“Ainnn but who still watches open TV?”will ask the reader inside his digital and streaming bubble.

The answer is: almost 63 million Brazilians who are on the poverty line. Almost a quarter of the population.

There are 63 million who do not have broadband and are more concerned about having something to eat than staying on social networks.

It is for these people that the column chooses today 10 programs that are still worth watching on free-to-air TV. The list is in alphabetical order.

The choice, obviously, was made by the columnist’s personal taste. If you want, put together your own list and post it in the comments system below.

Record Camera

Presented by Roberto Cabrini, it is one of the best journalistic programs and with one of the best journalists in the country. It ranges from police topics to coverage of tragedies (such as the earthquake in Turkey or the rains on the north coast of SP).

Spectacular Sunday

It started almost 20 years ago as a mockery of “Fantástico”, but it has gained personality over time, and a variety of stories, from investigative to innocuous ones like videos of pets. Good family fun.

Sunday with Huck

The presenter had the tough mission of replacing one of the greatest Brazilian TV icons of all time. And it did. An unpretentious program, which mixes fun, pictures and themes and characters that can cheer or move.


It was the first Brazilian TV program to deserve the epithet of “electronic magazine”, with its countless scenes and attractions that change over the years. It is also and always has been a respected investigative journalism program.

Band newspaper

Despite not having even 10% of the structure and staff of a “Jornal Nacional”, it’s not ugly. Incidentally, as this columnist repeats, Band’s journalism owes nothing to that of Globo or other major vehicles. Except because it lacks more investment.

Jornal da Globo

Excellence in journalism. It covers and deepens all the subjects of the day. The only unsolvable problem is the absurd time at which it is shown, almost 1am. A great job, but one that is seen by as few viewers as possible.

National Newspaper

It is still the most important and far-reaching journalistic program or vehicle in Brazil. And that’s almost 54 years ago. There were several setbacks in its history, it is true, but the successes are incredibly greater. It has by far the best journalism team in the country.


Unfortunately, the program/competition on TV Cultura, dedicated to classical music and finding new classical performers, is annual. But, thanks to the resilience of the public broadcaster, it will turn 17 in 2023. Long live “Prelude”.

The Night

As a whole, perhaps the coolest program on open TV. Great interviewees, guidelines, presenter/interviewer. But, unfortunately, it is also shown during the hours when no national worker can be awake.

go in faith

Globo’s most recent 7:30 pm telenovela found the right tone between drama and humor. Outstanding characters and interesting cores. With a little more investment it could also have worked in the 20:30 range.

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