Saudi Arabia explodes after learning that Mateu Lahoz will lead Cristiano Ronaldo’s next game

There is barely a day left before one of the most important matches in Saudi Arabia take place. The Superclásico of the country of Persian Gulf brings together in a duel in style the Al Nassr and the Al Ittihad. A meeting where the two most powerful clubs face each other with the fight for the leadership in the background.

Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions of the party is Cristiano Ronaldo. The forward, now enrolled in the ranks of Al-Nassr, is the most recognized athlete in the Arab league. Since landing, he has become a mass phenomenon and has delighted spectators with a spectacular baggage: eight goals in seven games. Incredible figures for a footballer who has rediscovered himself with the best version of him.

This Thursday he will meet an old acquaintance on the pitch. Be Antonio Mateu Lahozcollegiate of The leagueand has coincided with the Portuguese on countless occasions when he was a member of the real Madrid. A reunion that sparked sparks in Saudi Arabia, which did not like the fact that the Spaniard is in charge of directing the country’s Superclásico.

Mateu Lahoz has been the focus of criticism from the Al Ittihad fans and various journalists related to the rival Al-Nassr team, who have charged hard against him, pointing out the good relationship they had while they coincided in La Liga. One of the most critical of the matter has been the journalist Manar Al-Shahenoo. The Saudi has pointed hard towards Mateu, stating that he “loves Cristiano”, where he hints at a possible favorable treatment from the referee towards the Al-Nassr striker. In addition, he also points out that “they are friends.”

something usual

However, despite the criticism received towards the figure of Mateu Lahoz, the referee has directed several matches outside the Spanish borders throughout his sporting career. He has been present in up to three countries as a referee, specifically in Saudi Arabia, Greece and Azerbaijan.

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In addition, he has been in the Saudi country directing up to three meetings. Two of them in the league and another in the King’s Cup, where he was in charge of taking the reins of the final in the 2021/2022 season. He has even directed Al-Nassr on one occasion, in 2018, so it will not be the first time he has seen his faces with the team that Cristiano Ronaldo plays for.

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