São Paulo opens public consultation to count cyclists – 03/12/2023 – Ciclocosmo

In partnership with the city of São Paulo, Associação Ciclocidade opened a public consultation to define the observation points for the “biggest count of cyclists ever made in the city”.

The count will effectively take place during the month of April, after the evaluation made by the public consultation, which began on Tuesday (7) and is scheduled to end on March 19.

Through a form, those interested in participating have access to a map of the city with 218 observation points previously defined by CET (Companhia de Engenharia e Tráfego) and Ciclocidade, on which comments and suggestions for changes can be made. The form also offers a tool to add new points to the count.

The final map will be used to distribute census takers across the city in April, and will also serve as the basis for new counts to be carried out by CET in the coming years.

The purpose of the initiative is to provide the city hall with a tool capable of assisting in the fulfillment of goals, including the decarbonization goals of Planclima (Climate Action Plan of the Municipality of São Paulo 2020-2050), which has the status of law and expects to increase bicycle share from the current 0.8% to 4% of total trips made in the city by 2030, and 8% by 2050.

According to economist Tainá Souza Pacheco, one of the researchers responsible for the count, the statistical model that had been used by CET was inadequate. “It was not possible to have a view of the bicycle in the city. There was a very large concentration of counts made by CET in the southwest region and expanded center, so we created the new count map, with 218 points. From there we will be able to follow up to see which regions grow more and which grow less, and suggest changes,” he said.

In a note, the CET reinforced that the count will help in the composition of public policies for the modal, as well as verifying the places where there is a need to expand or improve the cycling network, today composed of 699.2 km of roads with treatment for bicycles.

The initiative is a partnership between the Municipal Secretariat for Mobility and Transit, CET, Ciclocidade, Bloomberg Philanthropies, CAF – Development Bank of Latin America, Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative and the urban planning office Metrópole 1:1.

To participate in the public consultation, click here.

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